Brilliant Solutions to Troubleshoot Xerox Printer Offline Issue

Xerox is acknowledged as one of the biggest manufacturers of printing and scanning devices. It supplies high-end printing solutions to meet the various professional as well as personal requirements. Xerox printers are quite simple and compatible to cater to the needs of the users. Thus, millions of users from around the world are using this printing device for enjoying smooth printing sessions. Despite cutting-edge technology and superb performance, certain technical setbacks might affect the functionalities of the printing device. One major technical fault of these devices is being offline more often and showing no response for an indefinite period of time.

When the printer fails to connect with your computer system due to several reasons, this problem arises on your Xerox printer. The printer might face trouble in communicating with your computer due to improper printer settings, defect in the power cable, faulty driver installation etc. If you are receiving Xerox Printer offline error frequently, it indicates a serious connection issue between the printer and your computer. We have provided some simple solutions in this blog to fix this problem within a short span. Apply them on your own and enjoy nonstop printing sessions with your Xerox printer.

Easy Hacks to Bring Back Your Xerox Printer from Offline to Online Mode

This problem can appear at any time due to various reasons without giving prior intimation. Irrespective of the operating system version you are using on your computer such as Windows 7, 8, 10 etc., this error can arise. Take a look at the following simple methods which can fix Xerox printer offline Windows 7 problem within a short span:

Troubleshoot Xerox Printer Offline Issue

Method 1: Performing a physical printer scanning

  • If you are using a wired Xerox printer, confirm that all the power and network cables are properly plugged in.
  • In case your Xerox printer is a network one, ensure that the ethernet cable is connected correctly
  • Now, unplug and replug all the cables in different ports present on your desktop or laptop
  • In case you are carrying an extra USB A-B cable, use this one to connect the Xerox printer with your computer

Didn’t receive any fruitful result even after applying this simple method? Try out the next one which is explained below:

Method 2: The manual process of bringing the printer to “Online” mode

  1. Navigate to the “start” button present on the bottom left corner of your computer screen and select “control panel”
  2. Now, choose the option saying “devices and printers”
  3. Then, right tap on the printer in question and choose ‘see what is printing’
  4. A new window will pop up and you need to select your printer name
  5. You will receive a drop-down menu from which you should choose ‘use printer online’ option

Still receiving Xerox Printer offline error again and again while printing via your Xerox printer? Go for applying another method which is given below:

Method 3: Checking and eliminating all pending printing jobs

  • Navigate to the ‘see what’s printing’ menu, and right tap on the ‘cancel’ option to remove any pending printing job
  • Now, you need to choose ‘use printer online’ again
  • In case any pending job is still there, restart your computer as well as the Xerox printer
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Method 4: Rebooting your Xerox printer

  1. At first, right tap on your printer’s name from ‘devices and printers’ menu and tap on the ‘remove device’ option
  2. Next, you need to go to  ‘devices and printers’ menu again and tap on ‘add a printer’ option
  3. Choose Xerox printer’s name from the displayed list and install it again by clicking on ‘add’

If your Xerox printer is still displaying the same error message, you should definitely consult with professional printer technicians. Only they can resolve this issue by offering trustworthy Xerox printer repair services within your budget. So, hire a reliable printer expert and avail cost-effective printer fix to troubleshoot printer offline problems.

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