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Are you a user of conventional printers such as inkjet printers, laser printers, all-in-one printers, etc? Then you might or might not have heard the term called plotter yet since this is an old mechanism of printing. Plotters were used in earlier times for printing graphics designs and high-quality engineering drawings. These devices use tri-color ink systems and automated pens to draw vector graphics. Plotters are still in use but nowadays these are used in a combined mode with conventional wide-format printers.

However, problems are bound to occur in any electronic device after a certain use and plotters are no different from this fact. These devices also give several issues to their users some of which are an issue in the printhead, slow printing, etc. These problems generally appear due to rough handling, hardware failure, over-usage, etc. Proper handling of the device might minimize the chance of occurrence of these problems. Still, problems might appear due to inexperienced use for which urgent attention from an expert is needed. Read this blog to gain your knowledge about common plotter issues and easy ways to troubleshoot plotter Problems.

Plotter Users often Complain about the following annoying Problems

Plotters are nothing but the earlier versions of printers and thus these devices also include the same issues as printers. Issues related to print speed, print quality, overall printer’s performance, etc. are the common and frequently occurring issues in plotters. Following are the various types of problems that you might encounter on your plotter while using it for printing documents.

Fix Plotter Problem

i) Malfunctioning Printhead

A faulty installation of the printhead, accumulation of dust within it or expiry of its lifespan can develop issues on the printhead. Some premium plotter brands give prior notification regarding the upcoming error so that you can take preventive measures. But the other brands can offer deadly printhead related issues due to rough handling.

ii) Jamming of Papers

During the printing sessions, a scrap of paper or any other foreign object might get jammed inside the device. As a result, the plotter might start printing at a very slow speed or create a bad quality of prints.

iii) Improper Stacking of the Print Papers

If you place the print papers in an incorrect way inside the paper tray, the paper might get tangled inside the device. This will make your plotter to run slow or not perform at all until you take corrective actions.

iv) Incompatibility with the OS

You will use the plotter to print documents saved on your desktop or laptop. So, the operating system or OS running in your computer should accept the installation of plotter driver software. Failing this your plotter will show several errors regarding the printing jobs.

v) Hazy Prints

You might receive hazy or blurry prints from your plotter due to many reasons such as OS incompatibility, damaged printheads, etc. Receiving poor quality of prints during your important official work is quite annoying. Taking immediate action might help you to fix this issue within a short span.

vi) The Plotter is Running slowly

A plotter might run slow if there is an issue of paper jamming, dead printhead, software incompatibility, etc. Expiry of ink within the ink tank, overloading of the print queue, etc. also cause your printer to run slow.

vii) Plotter Out of Memory

This problem generally occurs in case there is no sufficient memory within the plotter. Due to this issue, the plotter might not store the print signals given by you. As a result, many print orders might get deleted from the print queue.

These plotter problems can arise at any point in time due to the mishandling of the device, constant usage, and many more. Periodic checking of the device and proper handling from your side might reduce the chance of these problems to arise. However, consulting with experts is always a better option to solve these issues from their roots. The next paragraph will provide you with some easy solutions to fix these common plotter errors.

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Quick Guidelines to Fix Plotter Errors on Your Own

You should use the device with proper care from the very beginning to stay safe from these common operational problems. But electronic gadgets will give you error irrespective of the amount of care you show towards its maintenance. You can take an attempt to eliminate these problems by following a few easy solutions given below.

  • Inspect your printer device after certain intervals to ensure proper functionality of all the hardware components
  • Check the printhead and remove dust from it. Also, look for the expiry date of the printhead and replace it with a new one in case it is expired.
  • Remove any piece of paper or other foreign object stuck inside the printer to enjoy fast printing speed
  • Check the level of ink in the ink tray and refill it immediately in case you find it to be finishing soon
  • Always perform a background analysis of the plotter you want to buy to check its compatibility with your computer OS.
  • In case you change any printer hardware due to its expiry, ensure the proper installation of the new component
  • Follow the paper stacking guidelines mentioned in the printer manual to avoid tangling of print papers during the printing session

Still, receiving the same issues on your plotter? Then there must be some serious problem with the device which can be solved by experienced professionals only. You should consult with a reliable plotter service provider to avail quick solutions for these common plotter problems. A professional guide will fix plotter errors within a short span by providing you with a budget-friendly plotter repair service.

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