Troubleshoot Kodak Printer Error Code 3802 and 3513

Nowadays, printers are widely used to meet personal as well as professional work requirements. It is used in corporate houses for printing essential documents. Also, it is used by students for various projects works. When it comes to the best printers, Kodak is the first name that comes to our mind due to its top-class features. These printers are developed by Kodak Inc. which is an American imaging company. Kodak offers a range of printers including laser, inkjet, wireless, wired printers, color printers, etc. If handled with care, it can accompany you for years and compliment your productivity.

Irrespective of its service offerings, any electrical equipment shows a drop in performance with regular usage. One such issue includes error codes and Kodak printer users are often troubled by error code 3802 and 3513. A faulty installation of the printer driver or a damaged print-head might cause these errors to arise on Kodak printers. Consulting with professionals is always the best option to fix printer issues but instant solutions help you to save time. If you are struggling with Kodak printer error code 3802 or Kodak error code 3513, go through this article to learn some easy repair solutions to fix the issue.

What Is Kodak Printer Error Code 3802 and 3513?

Kodak printers are generally less prone to errors and other technical problems. But rough handling or a manual mistakes might cause the occurrence of annoying errors like error code 3513 which might restrain your printing jobs. When you install the printer driver in the wrong way, error code 3802 might occur on your Kodak printer. In case any damage occurs on the print-head due to an accidental fall of the device on any hard surface, Kodak printer error code 3513 might appear. An outdated printer driver or a wrong installation of the print-head might also cause error 3802 and 3513 to occur respectively. However, solutions for these error codes are mentioned in this blog which you can apply on your own.

Easy Guidelines to Solve Error Code 3802 of Kodak Printers:

Appearance of this error code depends upon the status of the printer driver. If it is installed in a wrong way, error code 3802 might appear which you can wipe out by following the steps mentioned below:

Kodak printer error code 3802

Method 1: Reinstall the Printer Driver

At first, uninstall your existing printer driver and then reinstall it correctly on your Kodak printer. Follow the guidelines mentioned in the printer manual thoroughly to complete the installation process. Follow the given steps to run the driver installation process:

  1. Go to the control panel of your Kodak printer
  2. Tap on “hardware and sound”
  3. Press on “printers”
  4. Right-tap on the printer whose driver you want to install and choose “Run as administrator”
  5. Tap on properties
  6. Then, you should tap on “advanced”
  7. Tap on the new driver tab, and follow the instructions displayed on the screen to install the driver
  8. Take some sample prints to check whether the error code is reappearing or not

If this method doesn’t solve the problem, apply another method which is discussed below.

Method 2: Resume your Kodak printer

Many times, a power failure or voltage fluctuations might cause this error to appear on your Kodak printer. You should then resume the device to bring back the printer to its original functional mode. Long press the power button and tap on the “resume” option from the printer’s control panel. Repeat this step for at least 5-6 times and check whether the error has been eliminated or not.

In case Kodak error 3802 still appears even after applying both the methods, consult with a printer technician.

Quick Tips to Troubleshoot Kodak Printer Error Code 3513

Error code 3513 is mainly related to malfunctions within the print-head. Improper installation of the print-head or any defect within it might result in the occurrence of this error code. Apply the steps given below to fix print-head missing Kodak issue and delete this error message permanently from the printer:

  • Power off the printer and remove all power cables
  • Open the top cover of the printer and check whether the print-head is properly installed or not
  • If not, then take out the print-head carefully from the printer machine by using both of your hands
  • Clean the print-head with a dry cotton cloth properly to remove dust, if any
  • Place the print-head inside the printer machine and reinstall it correctly by following the printer manual guide to resolve Kodak print-head problems
  • Close the top cover of your Kodak printer and print some sample documents to confirm the elimination of error message 3513

Still receiving both the error messages on your Kodak printer? Reaching a reliable printer technician for Kodak printer repair to resolve the print-head missing Kodak problem from the roots.

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