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Inkjet printers are one of the best printers for home use. These devices are popular for delivering superior quality of color printing. No matter whichever brand of inkjet printer you possess, most of the devices are manufactured using the similar mechanical platform. Hence, all wide format inkjet printers are vulnerable to similar types of operational issues. Sudden inkjet plotter problems are common and lead to malfunctioning of the printer if not resolved on time.

Plotter Problems that Disturb the Performance of Your Printer

Dead Print Heads

With time, print heads wear out and need replacement. However, if you maintain them with great care, you might not need frequent replacement. Wide platform inkjet canon printer error code 5800 are quite capable to diagnose the problem and notify you beforehand. But, this might not happen every time. Apparently, you might face print quality issues without any reason. If you are unable to find the culprit which is causing bad print quality, print heads will remain the primary suspect. Let us take a look at the reasons behind damaged print head:

  • There are hundreds of microscopic nozzles in each print head. When you do not use your printer on a regular basis and there is less flow of ink, the print head is clogged because the ink dries up.
  • When an inkjet printer is left idle, the ink nozzle dries and leads to premature print head failure.

Paper Jam and Poor Stacking

Majority of printers are based on the gravity-fed delivery system. It means printer sheets automatically fall out from the device to the storage basket. In the past few years, there has been significant advancement in integrating plotter stacking. For example, Canon has paper output trays that systematically holds the print outputs. Although there are many devices that continue to utilize the drop basket design, here are a few more reasons for paper jam and poor stacking:

  • Your papers can curl due to ink saturation. Stacking problems can increase due to the same issue.
  • Another reason can be static electricity for LED plotter issues. This can be annoying at times when the workload is more, paired with high print requirements.
  • Some systems offer flat stacking trays that are effective. But they can take up quite a bit of room.

Resolve Inkjet Printer Plotter Problems

Software Compatibility

This is a problem which emerges while you are upgrading your operating system.

  • You can come across certain plotters which are not compatible with the upgraded operating system. It occurs when the manufacturer’s development is ceased while upgrading the printer drivers.
  • Once plotter developers end hardware support, it will automatically lead to the ceasing of software support on all the old models.
  • Earlier, there was only one way to upgrade the printer technology that was using the operating system. But, software incompatibility has made this process obsolete.

The above-mentioned reasons can interrupt your printing session and compel you to go for reliable plotter repair service for your inkjet printer.

Paper Dust

To add to the above-mentioned reasons, paper dust can interfere with your printer’s connection. Printer cartridge possesses a dozen electrical contact points. Moreover, when a printer head is heavily used, paper dust can interrupt the functioning between print cartridge and cartridge housing. This disables the printer’s capacity to send proper instructions to the print cartridge. If this is a continuous problem, immediately consult technical experts for instant plotter repair.

Quick Fixes for Plotter Problems

Usually, inkjet plotter problems occur due to malfunctioning of the printer’s internal components. Take a look at the quick fixes to eliminate the issue:

  1. You can go through the user guide on the control panel and resolve it. Apart from these, some printers provide video assistance which helps to clear paper jam with a snap. Start by checking the paper tray and remove any material that is stuck. Carefully take out the paper without any wear and tear without getting caught between the rollers.
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  1. If any misaligned paper is causing the jam, make sure you remove the tray and reset it while correctly positioning the paper. At times, you might not find any misfed sheet. In case you do, please be careful when you remove the paper stack. Check if papers are squared properly and then deposit it back in the tray.
  2. Ensure that correct paper and media is chosen by the print driver and conduct a double check on whether the pages on the tray matches with the paper type selected in the print driver.
  3. If you happen to face smudge marks, take several prints until it fades away.
  4. To remove the dust, you can clean the print head with alcohol by unplugging the printer and cleaning the printer head’s electrical points. Ensure your alcohol is totally dried before you reinsert the ink cartridge and switch on the printer again.

Different versions of Windows have a different set of rules for resolving the same issue. The Autocad plotter issues on Windows differs from versions 7 to 10. Below are some of the ways to easily fix plotter issues.

Windows 7: Choose start>Help and Support> Type print troubleshooting in the search box, then press ‘Enter’. After this, tap on Troubleshoot Print Problems.

Windows 8: Press and hold down the Windows key and then tap on W> Search field. Type ‘Printing’ and then select Find and Fix Printing Problems.

Windows 10: Tap on Cortana and then write fix printing in the search bar (My stuff field). Select ‘Find and Fix Printing Problems’ and then go through the prompt wizard.

If you are unable to fix plotter issues with these steps, it is time for you to go for technical help. Plotter issues can restrict your printer’s productivity along with hampering your work indefinitely.

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