HP Printer Not Connecting To WiFi: Resolve With Expert Guide

hp printer not connecting to wifi

HP printers are believed to be one of the most recognized products in the market. When it comes to the printer, HP offers almost all the essential features. And for this reason, many people opt to get an HP printer at the very first glance. Moreover, like every other electronic device present in the market, HP printers too develop some errors. And one of the most common issues includes the HP printer not connecting to WiFi error notification.

Therefore, in this article, we have come along with some of the most accurate fixes that will help you to get rid of the WiFi connection failure in your HP device. Also, we will be discussing how to connect HP printer to laptop wirelessly. Besides, there are some causes of the error mentioned below that will make it easier for you to understand the issue.

What Causes HP Printer WiFi Connection Failure?

So, before you move to the solutions, we want you to be aware of the various factors that can assist in causing the WiFi connection failure in your HP Printer in Error State Windows 10. Also, it will be easier for you to resolve the problem if you are already conscious of the multiple factors that can influence such an error in your HP device. Hence, we recommend you to have a look right below.

  1. The very first reason for the HP printer WiFi connection failure can be the WiFi channel interference.
  2. Another reason for this error is the distance between your router and the HP printer. If you keep them at a considerable distance, it may lose connection. Hence, you can get the WiFi connection failure.
  3. Also, there can be an issue with your wireless connectivity itself.
  4. Besides, the wrong configuration of your printer can lead you to the same connection failure.
  5. If you use the incorrect address, you get the network connection failure with your HP printer.

How To Connect HP Printer To Laptop Wirelessly?

Now that you know the various reasons for the WiFi connection failure, you can move to the solutions. Though you can find a lot of solutions to this HP printer error, not all of them appears to be equally helpful. Hence, through this article, we have managed to put together some of the most accurate fixes for your convenience.

Solution 1: Restart Your HP Printer

This is the very first solution for the WiFi connection failure with your HP printer offline. At times, there can be a common error with your device which you can resolve by simply restarting your device. Hence, we recommend you to restart your device once before you move to the other solutions.

Solution 2: Check Wireless Connectivity

This is another method that you should try to fix the wireless connectivity issue with your HP printer. If your HP printer refuses to connect to the WiFi, you should check the wireless connectivity status to resolve the error.

Solution 3: Reconfigure Your Printer

Apart from that, the wrong configuration of your HP printer can also wind up displaying the HP printer not connecting to WiFi” error notification. Hence, you can reconfigure your HP printer to get rid of this error.

Solution 4: Remove Antivirus Or Firewall Programs

Also, the antivirus application installed in your device can influence such an error. In most of the cases, the antivirus application or firewall installed in your device interrupts connectivity with your computer device and that of the printer. Hence, it is important that you remove the antivirus software from your device temporarily to resolve the error.

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Therefore, these are some of the most important fixes for the HP printer not connecting to WiFi error notification. We recommend you to implement them all to resolve the error with ease. If you are still unable to get rid of the issue completely, you can reach out to us for help. We are available through various communication channels. You can contact us via a voice call by dialing +1-855-789-0292 or you can reach us through live chat, and emails.

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