Resolve HP Printer Error 49.4c02 With Some Incredibly Easy Steps

hp printer error 49.4c02

HP printer error 49.4c02 is a common problem for the HP users which restricts the normal functioning of the printer. This particular issue is also known as a one-time error but sometimes, it annoys the users in a frequent manner. This error code arises when users are trying to print inappropriate documents. It refers to the document which is in a different format, one that is not recognized by the printer.

If you are also facing the same issue, then this article will be helpful for you. Hence, go through the complete article and find out the suitable fix for you.

What Causes HP Printer Error 49.4c02?

Error 49.4c02 generally occurs due to the corruption between the printing system and the target printer. It can also happen due to the poor network connection, outdated printer driver, virus or malware attack, etc. If someone uses an older version of the printer firmware, then there is a possibility to get this error.

Effective Ways To Resolve HP Printer Error 49.4c02

HP printer error code 49.4c02 is a commonplace issue that users mostly complained about. By following the steps, you can simply resolve the error code in an instant.

Method 1: Reset The Printer

The first thing you have to do is turn on your printer and remove the power cord from the rear of the printer and from the wall socket. After a period of 60 seconds, connect the power cords. But remember that you should connect them directly without using a voltage stabilizer or a spike buster. You can see that the printer will turn on automatically. If you failed to do so, then press the power button for starting up. The error message should have disappeared. If it doesn’t, read on and follow the next method.

Method 2: Clear Print Queue

Often, the files that are put in the print queue are not supported by the HP Printer in Error State. This will lead to an error and the printer will halt working. Files that are password protected or encrypted are not recognized and are not recommended to use. Regular PDF files are the most printer-friendly and should not have a problem in working efficiently. To rectify this error, start with clearing out the print queue in your HP printer. This should fix the issue. Restart the printer for the new changes to take effect. Restarting is done by keeping your printer turned on and

removing the power cords from the rear of the printer and the wall socket.

Your printer will power down following which you have to wait for around 60 seconds before reconnecting the power cords. If the printer fails to turn on by itself, press the power button. Try printing and if the error persists, remove all forms of network connection with the hp printer offline. Print a test page to ascertain that the printer does not suffer any hardware related issue.

Method 3: Network Connectivity Error

Disconnect the printer from your current network and reconnect to the same. The process could have frozen due to mishaps related to network and this is rectified simply by reconnecting. Updating your firmware is another sure fix solution. Try printing from a fresh queue post troubleshooting.

Reach Our Experts For Further Details

Hopefully, by implementing the above tricks, you will surely fix the HP printer error 49.4c02 permanently. But if you find any difficulties at any stage, then you can get in touch with our experts. Dial our number +1-855-789-0292 and talk to us. Else, you can send us a mail addressing your queries. Our representatives always try to provide the best fixes at an affordable rate. We assure that you will never get disappointed by our services.

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