Resolve Lexmark Printer Communication Error

With the incredible progress and growth in the number of small as well as a medium-sized business, printers have become an indispensable tool in this modern generation. Multifunctional printers are extremely useful not only for industries and corporations but also for individuals and freelancers. In this regard, Lexmark printers are quite a standout compared to the other printer models available in the global market.

Although Lexmark printing machines are powerful with brilliant speed and advanced features, they are not entirely free from technical issues. Lexmark printer communication error is one such common troublesome issue faced by printer users across the world. To enjoy seamless and flawless printing sessions each time, you need to get rid of the problem at the earliest. In case you are looking for comfortable and effective ways to resolve the error code, this write-up will be of great help to you.

Fundamental reasons behind Lexmark Printer Communication Error

There is no denying the fact that Lexmark printers offer class apart features with incredible performance. However, specific errors often develop that can ruin the user’s experience with it.

Hence, take a look at the general reasons behind the communication error:

Issues with the IP address:

Often, the printer connects to the router or access point successfully but is unable to communicate with the network. This mainly occurs because the DHCP server is not enabled. Similarly, you will find your Lexmark printer not communicating with computer if the IP gateway address does not match with the router’s IP address.

Congestion in the Network:

If there is more than one router, it might connect your printer to a neighboring router instead of yours and you get Lexmark printer communication error. This is one of the major causes of the communication error. Also, selecting an incorrect SSID or network name during installation is equally responsible.

Problems with USB Connection:

Even if you successfully configure your Lexmark printer for wireless printing, you need a proper USB connection. Otherwise, the communication error code is inevitable and will continue to appear frequently.

Quick Hacks to fix Lexmark Printer Error Problem Communicating with the Computer

Printer errors can show up without any prior notice and can halt your printing sessions. If you are wondering why is your Lexmark printer communication not available, keep reading to learn some fantastic tricks to resolve the error.

Troubleshooting-Lexmark-printer-communication-problem - error

Basic Steps to Fix the Communication Error of Lexmark Printers

  • To begin with, check all cables connecting your printer and other devices. Also, reconnect the USB cable to your computer and Lexmark cable to diagnose the error.
  • As a general troubleshooting step, first, remove the power supply cord and reattach it again to your Lexmark printer. For several users, this relatively simple step got rid of the communication error.
  • Parallel port mode: In case you are using parallel ports, you need to make sure that your computer is capable of bi-directional communication. All you need to do is enable ECP from the parallel port mode setting.
  • If your device shows the “Lexmark printer communication not available” error message even though it is directly connected to the computer’s port, there might be a serious hardware issue. To figure out the cause of the problem, click on Start a New Search and enter “self-test.”
  • Printer driver: Outdated or incorrectly installed Lexmark printer drivers often give rise to problems. Therefore, try reinstalling the printer drivers or download the latest versions. Also, you should use a USB port which is a part of the motherboard for connecting with your printer. USB ports located in the expansion card slot generally lead to the Lexmark printer communication error.

Brilliant alternatives to Resolve Lexmark Printer Communication Error

Fixing communication errors on your printing device is indeed a complicated task. To successfully fix the problem, you first need to identify the source correctly. Apart from network connectivity and settings-related issues, scanners and other devices are also responsible for the error. Read through the next section to know how to troubleshoot the error at hand easily.

Software Interference

If your computer is encountering any system resource problem, it might interfere with the communication ability of your printer. Similarly, any particular software can also cause communication error. Thankfully, the issue can be quickly resolved by starting your computer in the Selective Startup mode.

Follow the given steps to resolve Lexmark printer communication not available error:

  • First, click on Start and open the Run dialogue box.
  • For opening the System Configuration Utility, type MSCONFIG and click on OK. From there, you need to unmark or deselect Load Startup Group Items and click on Apply.
  • Upon restarting, if the communication error is resolved, it indicates that the problem was due to one or more applications loaded in the memory.

How to fix Lexmark Printer Communication Problem using Device Manager?

Docking stations and multiple PCs are also responsible for the communication error faced by Lexmark printer users. By merely using the Device Manager, you can figure out what’s wrong with the printer.

  1. First of all, go to the Lexmark USB Printer or the other devices option.
  2. When you locate the Lexmark option, click on the (+) sign and then select each option that appears one by one.
  3. The next window will let you know if the device is working properly or not. This is indeed an essential step for successfully troubleshooting Lexmark printer communication error.

Get in Touch with the Experts for Enjoying Fantastic Printing Sessions without any hassle

Understandably, fixing Lexmark printer errors require sound technical knowledge. Being a novice, you might come across certain roadblocks while trying to resolve the Lexmark printer not communicating with computer error on your own. However, do not entertain any worries as the experts at Printers Repair Near Me have all the necessary tools to fix the error in the least amount of time. You should always opt for professional printer help when it comes to any printer-related issue. Therefore, contact the printer technicians at +1-855-789-0292 for availing excellent solutions at a budget-friendly rate.

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