Inkjet vs Laser Printer : Everything You Need to Know when Buying a Printer for Your Business

A printer can be a valuable addition to your home or it can be a reason for trouble if not chosen properly. When you choose the correct printer, it works fine and generates the desired quality of prints. It also offers you the speed you expected and gives you timely notifications about ink deficiency, lack of paper, etc. The right selection of the printer is very essential for both your home and office to avail the best results. The right selection means prioritizing your printing requirements and choosing the device type accordingly.

Printer models are of several types such as all-in-one, inkjet, laser, color printer, etc., out of which inkjet and laser are the most preferred ones. These printers provide high printing speed, large volume and superior quality of prints. Many people get confused between these two printer types and find it difficult to arrive at a decision while buying, samsung printer error code u1 2320. Both laser and Inkjet printers offer high-quality prints. However, laser printer offers better speed than Inkjet printers. This Blog will clear your thoughts about the confusion regarding inkjet vs laser printer.

Comparison between Laser and Inkjet Printer

Comparison between Laser and Inkjet Printer

Normally, laser printers serve the printing requirements of corporates whereas inkjet printers are ideal for home usage. But when it comes to color printing, inkjet clearly surpass laser printers. Latest laser printer models are coming up with built-in color printing facilities. There are many differences between laser and inkjet printers, some of which are given below. The following points will help you to differentiate between the two printer types and help you to select the best printer for your business.

Print Speed

Laser printers prints documents at a higher speed than inkjet printers. For example, if a laser printer prints 100 pages per minute, an inkjet printer of the same size will print only 20 pages per minute. So, for users with a requirement of the high volume of prints, a laser printer is the correct choice. If you are a home user, you can easily opt for an inkjet printer to fulfill your printing requirements.

Print Volume

Volume means the number of prints a printer produces per hour or per day. Obviously, this number will vary for home and office users. To support the high volume print requirement of office users, the laser printer is the proper choice because it prints a larger number of documents per minute than the inkjet printer. Speaking of volume, laser printer will always be one step ahead of the inkjet printer.


Business enterprises need to print a large number of documents such as internal reports, business letters, etc. on daily basis. A printer with a low per page cost might help you to enjoy cost benefit in the long run. A low initial cost printer will be the best printer for home users as they require a limited number of prints. Laser printer costs higher than inkjet printer in the beginning but offers a minimum per page cost to the user. Thus, it is the right choice for business owners to save money on per page printing in the long run.

Product Life

This is the main differentiating factor to compare laser and inkjet printers. Laser printers provide you with a longer shelf life than the inkjet printer and thus lasts for a long time even when left idle. Inkjet printers will end up in dryness in the ink nozzle if left idle for a few days. This long-lasting facility of laser printers also saves the frequent maintenance charges of the users. So, if you are in search of the best office printers, your search ends with the purchase of laser printers.


Home users generally look for lightweight and compact printer models to accommodate the device within a small space. On the other hand, business users do not have any specific requirements regarding weight or size. This is why inkjet printers are the first choice for home users as they weigh less, have a compact design and are easy to maintain.

Print Quality

People generally print two kinds of documents: black and white and color prints. Laser printers are unbeatable in terms of black and white printing. Inkjet printers are the accurate choice for printing color documents which offer better tone and higher resolution. However, laser printer manufacturers are now incorporating color printing facilities within the device to evolve as the best office printers. This will help to meet up the need for color prints of the business owners.

Paper Handling

Paper handling means the number of sheets a printer papers the tray can hold at once. The more it can hold, the less time you need to refill the paper tray. Laser printers generally hold 150-250 sheets which are higher than the 50-150 sheet holding capacity of inkjet printers. So, business owners should always opt for laser printer to match their per minute print volume requirement.

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Ink vs Toner

Inkjet printers use ink cartridge to supply ink for printing which comes at a reasonable price. Whereas, laser printers use toner which is little expensive but offers low per page print cost in the long run. Ink cartridges blend smooth colors on various kinds of papers such as glossy, photo paper, etc. Toners of laser printers are perfect for printing black and white documents using plain laser compatible papers. Thus, by purchasing a laser printer you can eliminate your confusion regarding laser printer vs inkjet cost per page.

The fight between inkjet vs laser printer is a never-ending one due to the varied requirements of home and office users. The basic doubt lies in the laser printer vs inkjet cost per page which mainly determines which model to choose. Select your printer wisely and only connect with the professionals to fix printer issues by opting for reliable printer repair service.

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