How To Perform HP Eprint Officejet 4625 Setup

hp eprint officejet 4625 setup

HP Eprint Officejet 4625 is an all-in-one printer device that can help you to maximize your daily work efficiency with its exceptional features. But, to use this device, first, you have to perform HP eprint Officejet 4625 setup properly. 

How to Setup HP ePrint Officejet 4625 Printer? 

Here we are going to discuss some easy steps that can help you to set up the HP eprint Officejet 4625 printer for a wired connection to a Windows computer. You can perform the steps stated below: 

Prepare the Printer for Setup: 

Follow the below steps to prepare the device for setup: 

Step 1

First, confirm that you have the below requirements before going to set up the printer: 

  • Make sure that the device is turned on and it is in the ready state. 
  • Get a USB cable that is less than 3 meters in length. 
  • Make sure that the USB port of the computer operates properly. 

Note: If you connect the printer with the computer using a USB cable before installing the driver, then you have to remove the printer from the installed devices by following the below steps. Otherwise, you can skip to the installation procedure. 

Step 2

Detach the USB cable from the system. Don’t reconnect the cable until you are prompted to do so. 

After that, go to the Start menu and click on the Settings (gear-shaped) icon. Next, navigate to the ‘Devices and Printers’ category. 

Step 3

Search for the model name of your printer by scrolling down the list of options. Once you get that, select that and tap on the ‘Remove Device’ option. 

Note: If you see that there are showing multiple devices, you have to remove them all. 

Afterward, exit from the ‘Devices and Printers’ screen and continue with the next step. 

Install the Driver and Setup the Connection: 

After completing the above process, you can perform the below steps to complete the setup process: 

Step 1

Visit the official website of HP and search for the latest version of the driver and software using the model name of your printer. Afterward, download the driver by following the on-screen prompts. It will automatically download the ‘HP Easy Start’ while downloading the driver and software. 

If it downloads the ‘HP Easy Start’ or driver, then follow the on-screen prompts and open the newly-downloaded file to start the setup process. If it prompts to select the connection type, choose the ‘USB’ option from the list. 

Note: You don’t need to perform further steps if the setup the successful. But, if the download fails, then you can continue with the below steps to install the driver from the official website of HP. 

Step 2

Navigate to the official website of HP and go to the ‘Software and Driver Downloads’ page. Now, if it prompts to enter the printer model, then enter it and confirm the OS version that you are using. 

Else if you see it redirects you to the ‘Let’s identify your product to get started’ page, tap on the Printer button and type the model number of the printer. Next, tap on the Submit button. It will navigate you to the software results page. Here you will see that the default OS is selected. 

If you want to change the Operating System, then tap on the Change button and choose the correct version. Next, tap on the Change button once again. 

Step 3

Now, navigate to the Driver section and tap on the Download button. It will start to download the full software package for your HP printer. Click on the ‘Basic Drivers’ option to download other drivers for the device. 

Step 4

After that, you will be prompted to choose the Connection type. Choose USB to complete the setup process. 

Now, you have completed the  HP eprint Officejet 4625 setup successfully. Now, you can try to print, fax, or scan via your HP eprint Officejet 4625 printer depending on your specific requirements. 

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