How To Wake Up Brother Printer From Sleep

how to wake up brother printer from sleep

Generally, the sleep mode setting on a Brother printer can reduce power consumption. When the machine is kept in the power save mode, it performs like it is turned off. When you receive any data, it will wake up from sleep mode. On the other hand, a Brother printer often goes to sleep mode because of numerous reasons including power supply issues. Sometimes this issue might occur due to hardware failure as well. Therefore, you have to identify the causes of this error at first before you can come to know how to wake up the Brother printer from sleep. To deal with it, go through the whole article attentively.

Possible Causes For Encountering Wake Up Issue from Sleep Mode on Brother Printer

The wake-up issue is generally related to internet connectivity. But there might be other reasons as well that lead towards this issue. Let’s check out a few probable causes that can lead to the wake-up issue on the Brother printer.

  • Faulty connections ports.
  • The connecting cords are damaged.
  • A corrupted printer driver.
  • Improper printer software.
  • Damaged internal hardware

Symptoms Of The Error

Now, take a look at a few symptoms of this error.

  • Light alert- When the printer is online, a red signal shows on one or multiple printer channels. A red light flashes if there is an error with the machine. Thus, the Brother printer not working correctly is generally indicated by the flashing lights.
  • Online indicator- There is an online indicator that detects the error. Tap on the button to active it.

Effective Ways to Wake Up Brother Printer from Sleep Mode

In this article, we are going to discuss some effective solutions that you can apply to your printer to fix this error without any hassle. Now, let’s have a look at the methods below:

Solution 1: Check The Printer Connection

To check the printer connection, restart your printer. Wait for a minute. Then, check the printer connection:

  • A printer connected via USB:

Check if your printer is well-connected via USB cable. Then, make sure you are properly connecting the cable with your device.

  • Printer Connected Via Wired Network:

Check if your printer is well connected via the wired network. Now, make sure your printer is well connected with the router.

  • Verify Wireless Network:

Check if the Brother printer is well connected with your PC. The wireless icon indicates that your printer is well connected.

Solution 2: Check The Hardware Part

You can fix this issue by checking the hardware part. So, you can go through the following instructions:

  1. Select ‘Setup mode’ after opening your printer.
  2. Then, head over to ‘Network settings’ and ‘Confirm network settings’ subsequently.
  3. After that, confirm the connection status to check it up and note the IP address of the printer.
  4. Now, you can print easily by tapping on the ‘Start’ option.

Solution 3: Reinstall Brother Printer

Reinstalling your Brother printer is an effective way to resolve this wake-up issue. You can reinstall your printer by following these steps.

  1. First, press ‘Windows key+R’ together.
  2. When a Run box appears on the screen, write ‘devmgmt.msc’ and hit the ‘Enter’ button.
  3. In the Device Manager window that opens, locate your printer, right-click on it and choose ‘Uninstall’.
  4. Again press ‘Windows+R’ keys at the same time and type in ‘Control’ in the run box before pressing Enter key.
  5. Go to the ‘Device and Printers’ from a Large icon option.
  6. After that, tap on ‘Add a printer’ by clicking on the blank area.
  7. Enter ‘Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer’
  8. If you can’t find your printer listed, then click on ‘The printer that I want isn’t listed.’
  9. Then give a tick mark on ‘Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname’ option. Next, press ‘Next’ at the right-hand corner.

Solution 4: Restart Your System

Restarting your device is one of the best solutions to resolve the error on the Brother printer. Read carefully and apply this method.

  1. First, unplug all the wires and cables connected to the device.
  2. Then, open the printer and clean all parts.
  3. Then, reconnect the power plug with the Epson printer.
  4. Now start the printer.

Solution 5: Install All Printer Drivers

Make sure that you download all the necessary drivers.

  1. First, go to the Windows menu, right-click on it and open Device Manager.
  2. Visit the printer’s option.
  3. Then, download and install the driver if any updates are available.

Solution 6: Clean And Repair

To clean and repair your printer, go through the steps as given below and apply them one by one:

  1. Turn off your printer and open the printer casing properly.
  2. Take a tissue, wet with warm water. Then clean the mechanic pad and other sensitive areas of the printer with tissue carefully.
  3. Remove the tissue and wait for 15 minutes.

Solution 7: Check The Printing Status

First, restart your printer. Then, press the Windows key and I key together from your keyboard. Now, click on the Devices menu and go to the Device & Printers option. After that, you will find a green checkmark icon. Right-click on it. Then, click on the “See What’s Printing” option and go to the Printer option. If you see a tick mark to the option Pause Printing & User Printer Offline. Click on this option to remove the checkmarks.

Hope, this article is helpful to you. We have provided all major symptoms, causes and effective solutions to this issue. We hope that you now know ‘How to wake up Brother printer from sleep’ from this article. If you have any queries regarding this, then you can leave your feedback in the comment section below. You can also follow the user guide to prevent any further complications. Keep watching us attentively and we hope that the article helps you to handle this situation. If your problem still persists, then contact our experts who can surely help you out from this and any other printer related issue in no time.  

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