How to Troubleshoot a Canon Print Head Error

Canon Print Head Error

While trying to print a document, you might come across Canon print head error. Sometimes, this problem appears in the form of an error code 1403. 

If you are stuck with the same error and unable to continue your printing job, then you can follow the section hereunder to get rid of this error. At first, let us get to the reasons that can trigger this abrupt problem.

What Causes the Canon Print Head Error

There are several causes that can trigger this error to appear. If the printer is not installed properly, or if there are any internal problems within the printer, then you can face this error.  

Sometimes, the ink cartridges of the device stop working without any prior notification. It also might be the reason behind this error. Furthermore, if the printhead of the printer gets clogged or dysfunctional, then you can also encounter this error. 

2 Hacks to Solve the Canon Print Head Error

Here, we are going to provide two tested and tried methods that have the ability to solve this error. Hence, you can perform the hacks and resolve the problem without any further hassle. 

Method 1: Check the Ink Cartridges

As mentioned earlier, if the ink cartridges of the printer are not working properly, then you can face this error. You can solve this by following the steps mentioned below: 

  1. First of all, open the front cover of the printer and then wait for a few minutes until the ink cartridges slide over. 
  2. Now, pull out the ink cartridges from the device. Then, take a soft cloth and start the cleaning process. 
  3. Immerse the cloth in hot water and clean the print head gently. 
  4. Keep cleaning the cartridges until there is no drop of ink coming out of the cartridge. 
  5. Next, let the device dry out. 
  6. Lastly, place the ink cartridges in its original position and close the cover of the cartridge. 

Now, run a test print to check whether the error is solved. Otherwise, you can move on to the next solution stated below. 

Method 2: Resolve the Internal Problems of the Printer

It also may happen that you are facing the Canon MX922 print head error due to the internal problems. You can follow the below hacks to solve this: 

  • First and foremost, turn the Canon printer On. 
  • Afterward, open the paper tray and remove the scanner unit from it. Once you do this, the print head will automatically set into a standby mode. 
  • Now, open the internal cover of your device. Afterward, press the tabs of the tank to remove it. 
  • Remove the headlock lever from the top of the print head. Afterward, tilt the print head gently in the direction of the front side of the device to remove it. 
  • Thereafter, place the print head in the software holder area of the device. 
  • Set the ink tanks in the original position and then close the cover properly. 

Afterward, try to print something to check if the error is resolved. 

Hopefully, the above two methods will help you to troubleshoot the print head error. To read more troubleshooting procedures associated with Canon, you can follow our website regularly. 

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