Easy Solutions to Fix Epson Printer Error 0xe8 in Your Fingertips

epson printer error 0xe8

Epson manufactures arguably the most popular printing and scanning devices. It includes too many features as well as errors. One of the most popular error is the Epson printer error 0xe8. This error generally occurs due to the damage of Windows system files and running multiple software applications. Basically, it is a run time error. When this error occurs in your Epson printer, then the programs in it take too much time to open and respond slowly. After getting this error message you are unable to print something. If you come across this error and wanted to fix it then, read this article properly.

Probable Causes which might lead to Epson printer error 0xe8

To overcome any problem at first, you have to know the causes of the error. So, let’s take a look at the causes listed below:

  • This error generally occurs due to the fire or windows system file damage in the system.
  • Any improper collection of the application might be the causes of this error.
  • If you suddenly shut down your computer then this error may occur.
  • For virus and malware attack and the issues with the hardware and RAM can be the causes of this error.
  • Redundant installation of the Operating System and system update.

So, this is the basic causes of Epson printer error 0xe8. If you need an immediate solution for this error, you can follow the simple steps given below.

Steps to Fix the Epson printer error code 0xe8

Here we have discussed some troubleshooting steps to fix Epson printer error 0xe8. To overcome this error go through the given solutions below:

Method 1: System Restore

  • At first, start your computer.
  • Then, click on the start button > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools.
  • Next, click on the System Restore option.
  • A new window will open and in that, select Restore my computer an earlier time option and hit on the Next option.
  • In the confirmation window click on the Next option.
  • Restart your computer after finishing the reinstallation.

Now, check the printer status. If the error still occurs then you can try the next method.

Method 2: Delete the fragmented Files

  • At first, start your computer. And unplug the printer from shocked.
  • Then, remove the excessive startup entries from the computer.
  • Now, delete the fragmented files from the computer.
  • Inspect the printer and check whether a paper stuck in the printer tray.
  • If there is any sticking paper then remove it and replug the printer.

Now, check for the error. It may solve this error. If not, then you can try the next method.

Method 3: Update the printer drivers

The outdated drivers can be the causes of this error. To update the printer driver:

  • Open the Control Panel and in the search box type “Device and printer” and hit enter.
  • Now, locate the printer and right-click on it.
  • Select the Printer properties option and click on the New driver option.
  • After that, download the new printer driver you want.
  • Now install and run the driver.

Now, check for the error. Or, you can try the next method.

Method 4: Restart the Printer

Whenever you see this error, the first thing you need to do is to restart the printer. To perform this step you have to plug out the printer and turn off it properly. And remove all the cables and wire connected to it. After that, you have to wait for sometimes and turn the printer on. Your printer will restart completely. Now check that the error still persists or not. If this error still occurs, then you try the next method.

Method 5: Check for the paper jamming issue

Paper jamming is another big reason for Epson printer error 0xe8. To check the paper jamming issue follow the steps below:

  • At first, open the printer cover and check any paper is stucks in the printer or not.
  • If you find any fault in the encoder strip then you have to clean it properly with a clean dry cloth.
  • If you find jammed papers, then you must have to remove it and you have to check that if there are any other objects stuck in the printer or not.

This is the basic solution of the error Epson error code 0xe5 by which you can fix this error.

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