Fix Canon Printer Paper Jam With A Handful Solutions

canon printer paper jam

No matter which Canon model you are using, it is quite evident that you have faced the issue of Canon printer paper jam. It is one of the common mistakes that users often make while using their device. Either due to feeding in more sheets than the print tray can handle or stuck debris, the reason varies. Previous torn papers, labels can create similar issues and jammed papers while you are trying to print it can also be the culprits behind this error. Furthermore, mixed, unarranged sheets are also the causes of paper jamming troubles. But, there are a bunch of solutions that can be carried out manually. So, stay hooked on till the end of the article.

Resolving Canon Printer Paper Jam With Effective Steps

The reason behind paper jamming arises from multiple mistakes and sources but eliminating them is not so difficult. Simply follow the guidelines provided under each section and knock out the Canon printer paper jam. Before you apply the guideline, make sure that you do not pressurize the stuck debris to move out from the front cover of your Canon device. This will cause greater hardware damage. Instead of that, pull the sheet out from the paper tray or the back of the Canon device.

Removing Stuck Paper From The Print Tray In Canon mg3620

First, locate the loading tray and move out any loose page. Then, tap on the Resume button present on the top of the Canon printer lid or in the front. Take out a test print and check whether the ink cartridge is working properly. If the test results have impressive quality, the issue is solved. Otherwise, check out the next steps:

  • Get rid of stuck bits slowly and make sure you switch off the printer.
  • Now, check for the leftovers.
  • Carry out the testing process once again.

Clearing Canon mg3620 Paper Jam From The Printer Rear

The printer rear is at the backside of the device. In some models, there is a two-sided printing component available. To start with, search the access tab at the rear end. If it a knob, make sure you unlock it. Now, remove the Canon access panel and bring out the jammed bits slowly. Once the stuck pages are removed completely, lock the knob.

If your Canon model has double printing component, follow the hacks given below to remove the issue of the Canon paper jam:

  • Tap on the two Release buttons simultaneously present on the module and remove.
  • Now, bring out the page from the panel.
  • Remaining foreign particles must also be removed
  • Now, push the module to its original position
  • Wait for several seconds and tap on the icon present in the module. It will open the access door
  • Follow the same procedure stated before and carry out the test print. Make sure to close the Canon printer module door.

Bringing Out Bits Stuck Under The Printer Front Cover

This step is the least recommended one and must be carried out under strict expert supervision. In case the model falls under the category of laser printers, remove and check the toner in the cartridge before pulling out the paper.

Printer Carriage Must Move Freely: Vital Consideration for Eliminating Paper Jam Issue

  1. First, detach the power cord
  2. Now check the carriage. It must move to the right-hand side of the Canon model. The process must be smooth otherwise the effect can be severe.  
  3. Now follow the testing procedure and carefully move the ink cartridges present in your printer
  4. Get rid of the page in the loading tray without affecting the drawer.
  5. Open the rear access module and using the fingers, rotate the Canon rollers until it reaches the top.
  6. Now replace the rear access door and the ink cartridge.
  7. Finally, attach in the power cord and switch on your Canon printer.

Expert Advice At Your Fingertips

In case, the Canon printer paper jam does not cease to exist, there can be serious issues with the hardware. Therefore, it is advisable to seek professionals who offer the ultimate Canon Printer Support. You can fetch us and dial the Support Number +1-888-223-5549 for workable solutions at affordable prices. Our representatives have an immense idea about the printer models and can provide timely solutions through calls or emails. Further, you can catch up with us through the live chat portal which is active 24*7.

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