Eliminate Canon Printer Error 5100 With Handy Solutions

canon printer error 5100

Canon printers are a well-known bunch of printers that is pretty popular among the novice as well as the professionals. Its high-resolution of printing makes it impeccable among the competing brands. However, like most gadgets, they are not flawless. Troubles like Canon printer error 5100 damages the performance of the printers. Moreover, it affects the output quality. Whatever the case may be, it can affect your office work. Therefore, you must resolve it immediately. This article will guide you through the error code.

The indications of the Canon printer error 5100

Before you learn about the sources of conflict, there are some symptoms that need your attention.

  • This notification typically appears when you try to print a set of papers.
  • The error code popularly known by 5100, stops the printing process from taking place.
  • In exceptional cases, it can freeze the active Windows as well as the printer. The power lights keep beeping consistently.

Reasons behind the Canon printer error code 5100

The sources of the glitch can be traced back to multiple sources. Some of them that our developers have found out are:

  • A notification may appear if the ink cartridge is having issues. Broken cartridge, misplaced ink tank are some of the predominant reasons.
  • Paper jamming is another trouble since stuck bits of paper can stop the Canon printer from working for a few seconds
  • If the packing material somehow remains inside the Canon model, error code 5100 will appear on the screen
  • Dirty or unclean encoder strip is another troublemaker. As a result, paper rolls get damaged while the process of printing is still active.
  • Problems with printer settings can hinder the performance of the Canon model. Resetting that may save the error code from coming back.
  • Though not related directly, ink blots, moisture, and dust stuck inside the internal visible parts of the Canon printer can lead to innumerable issues.  

The next section discusses the simple hacks that can keep this trouble at bay. If the error returns after a while, do not waste time and consult our experts.

Resolving the Canon Printer 5100 code

Like the first solution, you can check the internal parts of the Canon printer. Initially, switch it off and detach from the power supply. Then, gently uncover the printer head/lid and check for the following-

  • Stuck bits of pages and sheets
  • Packing materials if any
  • Dried ink blots and oozing out ink
  • The ink tank( in case it is leaking)
  • Dust and moisture.

If you find any of the items listed, then you have already landed in big trouble. Clean it immediately otherwise, the printer will be permanently damaged.

Other Methods

Apart from the above method, you can try to reset your Canon Printer settings. Tap on the Windows Key and move directly to the Settings Panel. Using the right click of the mouse, move to the Properties section and check for the status. If it is offline, make it online. If the status is in the online state, then do not make any changes and follow the next step.

Now, move to the printer and gently lift the cartridge. Check for the ink tank and again place that back gingerly.

Resetting the Canon Printer Ink Absorber

This is another method that has endless steps. You can confuse yourself at the first go, but do not worry much.

  • Switch off your Canon model and press the Resume key. ( it looks like triangle present on the lid)
  • While holding the button, switch on the power button. A green light will soon emit.
  • You need to hold and release the while tapping on the Resume icon at least two times. As an indication, the printer light will appear green again.
  • Next, leave the Power icon and tap on the Resume key. A confirmation page will appear which needs to be clicked to confirm the Absorber function.
  • As the last step, you need to turn off your printer and then, turn it on after a few minutes.

Our Professional Aid by your Side

The methods will surely help the user. But you may confuse any step if you are not tech savvy. However, you can keep this problem aside with our assistance. Our technicians have been working in the technology industry for years. They are well aware of the possible flaws and error codes that most users encounter. So, if you are facing error codes like 5100, talk to our consultants. Our technical team will surely provide reliable hacks. Connect with us through our helpline number +1-855-789-0292. Moreover, you can shoot an email or connect through the live chat portal.

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