Resolve Canon Mg2220 Won’t Scan with Efficacious Solutions

Canon printers play a major role in scanning materials and then, printing them when required. And the brand is well-known for carrying out that function effectively and fast. However, major glitches like corrupted files, out of date drivers lead to the error Canon mg2220 won’t scan. Though the reasons will vary, the solutions stated here will work as well. Therefore, if you are facing this trouble, simply follow the article.

Canon Mg2220 won’t scan: Probable Reasons

The reasons behind the error appear from multiple sources. Few of them are-

  • Your computer is in Sleep mode. If this is the case, you will find that the printer scanner will emit yellow light for at least 2-3 times when the SCAN button is pressed.
  • There can be a list of corrupted files that need to be eliminated
  • Corrupt drive or out of date scanner drives are another cause
  • Hardware troubles must not be overlooked in this case
  • Configuration issues in the Operating system. For that matter, after a rebooting procedure, the machine may not recognize Canon Mg2220.

Handy Solutions for Resolving Canon Mg2220 won’t scan

Now that you know the causes, let us discuss the hacks that can troubleshoot the problem. In case the problem appears again, do not forget to refer to the last section.

As per the first solution, you can try using the Operation Panel to forward the data to your computer. The machine will automatically detect the original material and will change the size and resolution depending upon the content. However, it is important to note some things-

  1. Your computer must be connected to the USB cable
  2. The originals must be categorized according to their type. Otherwise, the end result will look blur or unclean

Once these requirements are met, the computer will open a dialog box and seek permission from you to scan through photos, images, documents, files, any CDs etc. It must be kept in mind that few materials cannot be scanned no matter how much you try. They are-

  1. Documents smaller than 127mm* 178mm
  2. Thin white paper
  3. Photos and images that are A4 sized; panoramic photos
  4. Screenshot images or mall bits of paper

Following all the conditions stated above, confirm the given points:

  1. Installed MP drivers through CR-ROM
  2. Canon mg2220 is well connected with the computer
  3. The USB cord is not detached from the computer while the process is being executed
  4. The file name, size, the destination is well specified in the scan utility programs
  5. Your computer and the printer scanner must be switched on till the end of the operation.

Now, load the original materials, files onto glass platen. Then, tap on the SCAN icon. The procedure will take time, so have patience. Once that’s over, remove the original material from platen glass.

For the Windows users

In case your computer supports Windows Vista or Windows 7, a program selection page will open after the Scan icon is tapped. You need to make sure that the program is in sync with the utility program. If you are a Windows XP user, you need to tap the SCAN option twice before the loading and scanning process starts.

Alternative Solutions

As an alternative, there are some other solutions that you can employ. The first and the foremost is to delete the files and folders that you do not need. Remove the corrupted files, software applications from the system. To carry out this procedure, press the Windows logo and R together and wait until a run box appears. Now, type “cmd” in the space and press the OK key for proceeding further. As the Command Prompt appears, type “sfc/scannow” and wait.

The success rate of this method depends a lot on the command and works only when you have the administration rights. Hence, if it does not work for you, simply try to update the print drives.

Certified Experts for Reliable Solutions

Issues like Canon mg2220 won’t scan can appear at any point and can worry the users. The solutions stated herein work in 90% of the cases. However, any mistake on your part or other problems can affect the entire procedure. Further, it can cause serious damage to the system. Therefore, it is better to seek expert guidance regarding this. You can fetch us for the ultimate Canon Printer Support. Our solutions are workable and come at a nominal charge. The pool of professionals in our disposal works dedicatedly in eliminating the troubles regarding the Canon printers. Therefore, dial the Canon Helpline number +1-888-223-5549 or simply drop an email. Further, you can talk through the live chat portal. We are active on all platforms all through the year.  


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