An Easy Guide On How To Perform Epson XP- 446 Setup

Epson XP- 446 Setup

Epson XP-446 printer is preferred by a large number of users for small business or office purposes. This Epson printer can load up to 100 paper within the paper tray. Also, this printer allows users to virtually print anywhere with or without network. 

So, if you have decided to use this printer for your use, then you must know the Epson XP- 446 setup procedure. Otherwise, you are unable to get the best output.

In order to be aware of all the complete setup steps, let’s check out the rest of the content.

Here is the Complete Epson XP- 446 Setup Procedure:

First, unbox your Epson XP-446 printer and make sure that all the printing components are provided with it. Place the printer on a plane surface.

Next, you have to remove the plastic cover from the Epson XP-446 printer. Also, you need to remove the blue-colored tapes from the printer. Further, you should take out the packing material from the printer.

Now, you need to plug in the power cable to the appropriate port of the Epson printer. Connect the other end of the cord to the power supply.

Press the Power button and turn on the printer. Then, set the preference on the Function Panel. After that, load clean paper within the input tray. Download and install the updated version of the printer software. Once done, follow the online instructions and complete the setup procedure.

For Windows

You can download the printer software from the software CD provided with the printer package. Else, you can visit the official website of the Epson XP-446 printer. After that, search for the Driver Download option in order to start the download procedure.

When finished, save it on your preferable folder. 

For Mac

In this case, you can either download the driver from the software CD provided with the printer. Or, quickly download it from the official website. 

Just ensure that the Mac system has a disc drive as many of the recent manufactured does not contain a disc drive. If you face the same situation, then simply copy and paste the content of the CD within the desired folder of the Mac device by using a flash drive.

Epson XP- 446 Wireless Setup: Steps to Follow

Through the Control Panel of the Epson XP-446 printer, you can complete the wireless setup procedure. However, before that, keep a backup of important data and information. Then, thoroughly follow the below steps.

Step 1

In the beginning press the Home button. Next, use the left or right arrow in order to select the Wi-Fi setup. Tap the OK key. 

After that, scroll the Up or Down arrow button to choose Wi-Fi Direct option. Hit the OK key. 

Step 2

On the next screen, click on the OK button to choose the Wi-Fi Setup Wizard option. Now, use the Up or Down arrow and select the wireless Network name.

In case, you are unable to see the Network’s name, enter it manually. In order to manually enter the Network name, select the Other SSIDs option and thereafter, hit the Ok key.

Follow the online instructions and enter the Network name.

Step 3

Afterward, type the wireless password. To highlight a character or a function button, press the arrow buttons. 

In case, you want to change any letters or wish to select symbols, use AB12( uppercase), ab 12(lowercase). Thereafter, hit the OK key.

For entering a space, first, select space, then click on the OK button. If you want to remove a character, then choose the Back arrow as well as hit the OK key.

When completed, tap on Done and then hit the OK key. 

Step 4

Now, to confirm the Wi-Fi settings hit the OK button. Now, in order to print the Network Status report, tap on Yes and then press the OK key. Next, select the Start button.

However, if you don’t want, then choose No and hit the OK button. Furthermore, you will see the product with a Wi-Fi icon in the upper right corner of the LCD display.

Unfortunately, if the Wi-Fi icon does not appear on the screen, then you might select the wrong network or you have entered an incorrect password. So, type the correct username and password and then repeat these steps starting from Step 1.

How to Connect Epson XP-446 to Laptop?

If you wish to connect the Epson XP-446 printer to the laptop, then first press the WPS button on the router. This button might be located at the backside of the router.

Go to the Control Panel of the printer and hit the Home button. Afterward, choose the Wi-Fi setup button and press OK. Again, press OK to continue the procedure.

Locate and choose the Push Button Setup (WPS) on the next screen. Again, click on OK. Follow the online instructions and complete the setup procedure.

Activate the Wi-Fi option on the laptop. Then, you have to choose the name of the printer and connect the device.

Epson XP- 446 Troubleshooting

Millions of Epson XP-446 printer user’s experience some issues while using it. Here are some of the most common issues and their solutions.


Paper Jam


First, cancel all the print jobs. Also, remove all the jammed papers from the output tray. Then, click on the Start button and try to print something.

However, if the paper jam problem still persists, then open the scanner unit located at the top of the printer. Here, if you see any jammed paper, then remove them. When finished, close the scanner door.

Turn on the Epson printer. Insert some white paper and try to print.


Epson XP-446 Won’t Print


Make sure that the input tray is loaded with clean and straight papers. Besides that, check the power connection of the Epson printer. You are suggested not to use a surge protector as this can create power fluctuations.

Make sure that the printer setup and your device are connected through a wired or wireless connection. Ensure that the toner cartridges are working properly.


Epson XP- 446 Offline Issue


Most of the time due to a poor internet connection, this issue arises. In such a condition, first, check the power connection between the computer and the printer. Don’t use a surge protector.

If you are using a wireless connection, make sure that the Epson XP-446 printer and the computer are linked on the same network of the router. Ensure that the router provides an active network.

If you use a wired connection, then you must connect the USB cable to the respective port of the printer and computer.

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