A Quick User Guide For Epson WF 2750 Setup

Epson WF 2750 Setup

Epson WF setup is not a difficult job once you know the correct procedure. Unless you don’t set up the printer correctly, it will be troublesome for you to use your printer. If the set up is incorrect, then your printer won’t work at all. 

Therefore, avoid the aforesaid problems with a correct Epson Workforce WF 275f880 setup. Hence, keep an eye on this piece of information. 

Complete Instructions for Epson WF 2750 Setup:

If you are looking for how to setup Epson WF 2750 printer, then do as directed:

Step 1. Unpack your Printer

  1. First, remove all protective materials from your Epson WF 2750 printer and make it ready for setup. 
  2. Lift the scanner unit and take out protective materials from the internal side of your printer. 
  3. Lower the scanner unit and remove the yellow-colored tape from ink cartridges.
  4. Make sure not to remove any other labels or leaks. Or else, the ink will leak from the cartridges. 
  5. Also, don’t try to touch the green chip on the cartridges. 
  6. Insert the cartridges in their respective slots and press them until they fit in their positions. 
  7. After pushing down the cartridges in their places, lower the scanner unit. 
  8. The printer takes approximately 4 minutes to charge the ink. 
  9. Once the charging gets completed, you will see a completion message on the printer’s LCD screen. 


  • Don’t unplug the printer from the power outlet or raise the scanner unit while the charging is going on. Otherwise, it will drain the ink from the cartridges. 
  • The printer is designed to work with Epson cartridges only. So, use only genuine cartridges for this printer model of Epson. 
  • The cartridges that come with this printer model are not meant for resale. The charging will use some amount of ink and the remaining ink will be used for printing. 

Step 2: Configure the Printer

  1. Connect one end of the power cord to the back of the printer and the other end to an electrical outlet. 
  2. Turn on the printer and select language, country, date, and time. 
  3. If you want, you can change the printer settings from the Control Panel of your printer. 

Step 3: Install Ink Cartridges

  1. Lift the scanner unit and gently shake the ink cartridges. 
  2. Take out the ink cartridges from their cover and slide the side edge guides all the way out. 
  3. Make sure that the front edge guide is set to the paper you are using. 

Step 4: Load Paper

  1. Pull out the cassette when the printer has finished charging the entire ink. 
  2. Insert the paper with the glossy or printable side down on the printer tray. 
  3. Check whether the paper is sticking out from the end of the cassette or not. If so, then take out the paper and load it against the front edge guide. 
  4. Slightly slide the side edge guides against the paper you have loaded. 
  5. Keep the cassette flat while inserting it into the printer. 
  6. Then pull out the output tray along with its extensions. 
  7. Locate the Printer’s Control Panel and select the paper settings. 

Step 5: Connect the Fax Line

  1. Connect a phone cord to a telephone wall jack and the line port of your printer. 
  2. Locate and press the upper arrow to set up the fax on your printer. 
  3. Then press the Down arrow to set up the fax. 

Step 6: Install Software

If your computer has a CD/DVD drive, then it’s okay. Otherwise, you will need an internet connection to get the software for your printer. The same thing will apply to Mac users. Now, check out the simple steps to install your printer software. 

  1. Do not connect the printer to your computer. However, click the ‘Cancel ‘button if your computer displays ‘Found a new hardware’ screen. Then unplug the USB cable. 
  2. If you have a CD or DVD, then insert that into your printer. If you don’t have that CD or DVD, then open a web browser. 
  3. Enter ‘www.epson.com/support/wf2750downloads’ in the address bar and press the ‘Enter’ key. 
  4. In case, the above URL doesn’t work, enter ‘www.epson.ca/support/wf2760downloads’ in the address bar. 
  5. Run the setup program with the instructions displayed on your computer screen. 
  6. If you are using OS X, then install one Software Updater to receive software and firmware updates for your printer. 
  7. If you are prompted to select your connection screen, then select one of the following connections:
  • Wireless Connection- Maximum times, the software installer automatically attempts to set up the wireless connection of printers. If you fail to complete the setup, then enter your network name(SSID) and password. 
  • Direct USB Connection- For this, you will have to connect the printer to your device or computer using a USB cable. 
  • Wired Network Connection- To build a wired network connection, an ethernet cable is a must. 

After installing the particular software, restart your computer and print any document to ensure that everything is correct. 

Step 7: Mobile Printing

Mobile printing refers to the wireless printing of documents from smartphones, tablets, or computers. 

For printing documents from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, connect your printer and device to the same network. As the printer identifies your device, tap the Action icon to start the printing task. 

If you have an Android device, then connect the printer and your phone to the same wireless network. Tap the ‘Menu’ icon and select a document to initiate the printing job. 

Finally, you can perform mobile printing with the remote printing option of Epson or Google Cloud Print. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How to Fix an Unsuccessful Network Connection?

Make sure that you have selected the right network name and entered the correct password. Then turn off the router and turn it on again. Remember, Epson WF 2750 supports 2.4 GHz connections only. Thus, you must enable 2.4 GHz on your device. Click ‘Unblock’ or ‘Allow’ if a Firewall alert message appears on your computer or device. 

  1. Why Does My Printer Display a Dark Screen?

If your printer’s screen is dark, then turn it off and on again. Press any button on your printer to wake it up from Sleep mode. If the printer’s screen remains black, then connect with your printer support. 

  1. Why There are Lines or Incorrect Colors in My Printouts?

In this situation, run a nozzle check to look for clogged print head nozzles. If you find a clog, then clean the print head and take a print test to check the condition.

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