Canon MX492 Setup [Complete Guide]

canon mx492 setup

Canon MX492 is a wireless multifunctional printer that helps you print your document from almost anywhere around a particular place. Wireless setup of the printer is trending lately as it does not require wires and users can easily print anything from their handheld devices like tablets and phones. 

However, to acknowledge the setup process of the Canon Pixma mx492 printer wirelessly, ensure to go through the entire guide listed below and implement the steps for a successful printer setup.

How to Set Up a Canon Pixma 492 Wireless Printer?

The set up can be done either by WPS Connection Method or Cableless Method. Before starting the setup process, check whether your access point consists of a WPS button or not. If not, then you have to follow the cabless method or WPS Pin code method for connection. 

Hence, connect the power cord and turn on the printer. 

Step 1: Wireless Connection

To verify whether the printer is turned on or not, check whether the power lamp is lit. If it is, then your printer is most probably turned on. Then, follow the steps given in sequence below for a wireless printer connection.

  • On your printer, press the Setup button and then make use of arrows to choose Wireless LAN setup. Then, press Ok.
  • Now, the printer will look for wireless routers that are compatible. After that, two methods will display on your printer. Choose the method to which you are compatible with.

Using Push Button/WPS Button

  • Press the WPS button located on your wireless router and hold it for some time. Now, press the Ok button of your printer quickly (within 2 minutes).
  • Once the screen displays gets connected, press Ok. Now, push the Copy button.
  • This ends the network connection setup process through the WPS button.

Using WPS Pin Code

  • On your printer, select the “Other Setup option” and then press Ok option.
  • Now, select WPS (PIN code) and press Ok.
  • Follow the instructions appearing on your device and set the displayed PIN code to the wireless router.
  • Once the Connected screen appears, press Ok. Then, tap on the Copy button. 

Using Cableless Setup

  • On your printer, select Wireless LAN Setup and then Other Setup. Press Ok.
  • Select Cableless setup and then hit the Ok button.
  • Once the printer gets prepared for a Cableless setup, follow the on-screen instructions on your pc for a successful wireless connection.

Step 2: Driver Installation

Insert the software CD provided with the package inside the CD drive for driver installation. If you do not have the CD for driver installation, go to the manufacturer’s website and enter your printer model number. Then, click on the Driver Download button.

After downloading it, install the driver and carry out the guidelines displayed on the screen. Then, select the connection method and follow the on-screen instructions on the display.

So, this completes the Canon MX492 wireless setup.

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