Canon MX490 Setup [A Complete Guide]

Canon MX490 Setup

Canon MX490 is a wireless printer that has outstanding connectivity options and it comes with time-saving features. Being a wireless printer, it can print or scan anything from your WiFi-enabled system.

A wireless printer basically works by connecting the printer to the WiFi. This is similar to the way a particular mobile device or laptop gets connected. However, to use the Canon MX490 printer, you need to set it up wirelessly as well. Keep reading the guide to know how to perform the Canon MX490 setup.

How to Setup Canon MX490 Wirelessly? (Wireless Network Configuration)

At first, unpack your Canon MX490 printer and check whether all the components are present within the package or not. Remove the plastic film coverings from the surface of the printer and discard them carefully.

  • Connect the power cord and turn on the printer. Once the power button gets lit, the printer should be turned on. Now, follow the steps given below sequentially.
  • On your printer, press the Setup button.
  • Make use of arrows to select Wireless LAN setup and press Ok.
  • Now the printer will start searching for routers that are compatible. The wireless setup of the Canon MX490 printer can be performed in three ways viz, Push button method, WPS pin code method, and cableless setup. Make sure to choose the method accordingly.

WPS Push Button Method

  • Select the Push Button Method. Now, press and hold the WPS button located at the wireless router.
  • Press Ok on your printer immediately (within 2 minutes).
  • Once it shows connected, press the Ok button. 
  • Now, press the Copy button to complete the network connection setup.

WPS Pin Code Method

  • Choose the Other Setup option and press the Ok button.
  • Select WPS (PIN code) option and then press Ok again.
  • Follow the instructions appearing on your device.
  • As soon as it displays Connected, press Ok.
  • Now, press the Copy button. This marks an end to the network connection setup through the WPS pin code method.

Cableless Setup Method

  • Select Other Setup option and then press Ok.
  • Choose the Cableless setup option and then press Ok again.
  • Now the printer will start preparing for the setup. Follow the instructions appearing on your screen.
  • This marks the end of the Cabless setup method for the Canon MX490 wireless printer.

Software Installation for Canon MX490 

Insert the CD provided with the package within the CD drive and follow the on-screen instructions. By chance, if the CD does not start itself, go to My Computer and double click on CD drive. Click on the Setup/Install file. 

However, if you do not have the CD for software installation, then reach the manufacturer’s website and search for your Canon printer model. Now, download the software for the model and install it subsequentially.

So this was the complete guide following which you will be able to perform the Canon Pixma MX490 setup successfully.

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