Step-by-Step Guide To Perform Canon MG2922 Setup

Canon MG2922 Setup

Canon MG2922 is an all-in-one compact color inkjet printer that becomes so much popular for its ultra-edging features and advanced specifications. This device comes with the in-built Wi-Fi technology that lets you print wirelessly. 

It is quite easier to perform the Canon MG2922 setup. But, if you are unaware of that, then go through the section below to set up the device easily. 

How to Setup Canon Pixma MG2922? 

Here we are going to provide some easy steps through which you can set up the Canon Pixma MG2922 easily. So, you can have a look at the steps provided below: 

Setup Process For Windows:

If you want to set up the Canon Pixma MG2922 printer on your Windows PC, then you can perform the steps stated below: 

Step 1

First of all, connect the computer with the network. Then, unbox the printer. Connect the power cable to the printer and the other end to the power supply. Press the Power button and hold it for a few seconds to turn the printer on. 

Now, check the LED indicator of the printer. The green indicator indicates that the printer is On. You will also see that the Wi-Fi indicator started to flash with blue light. 

Step 2

Now, insert the CD-ROM into the DVD drive of the computer and then visit the official website of Canon. Then, search for the latest driver by using the model number of the printer. Once you get that, download the file and run it to start the setup process. 

Step 3

Once the Setup window appears, review the page and tap on the Next button. Choose the ‘WIRELESS LAN CONNECTION’ option and tap on the Next button. 

Afterward, choose the ‘Access Point Connection’ option and then tap on the Next button. Now, confirm that the printer is turned On by clicking on the Next button. 

Step 4

Now, it will start to search for the wireless connection by itself. The blue indicator will flash quickly as it searches. After a few seconds, it will open the list of the printer. 

But, if you are connecting the printer for the first time, then the list will appear blank. Tick the ‘Printer Could Not Be Found On The List’ box and then tap on the Next button to continue the installation process. 

Step 5

Tap on the Next button. Once it asked to choose the connection method, tap on the ‘CABLELESS SETUP’ option and then tap on the Next button to proceed. 

Now, check the ‘I AGREE’ box to agree on the License Agreement and then click on the Next button once again. Afterward, tap on the Next button once again to complete the installation process. Once the Setup window appears, tap on the Complete button. 

Step 6

Now, register the printer and once you complete the registration process, tap on the Complete button. Thereafter, run a test print. 

Setup Process For iOS/Android Devices: 

If you want to set up the Canon MG2922 printer on your iOS device, then you can perform the steps listed below: 

Step 1

At first, open the App Store and then download the Canon print application. Complete the on-screen guidance by following the on-screen prompts. Plugged in the printer and turn it On. Once you turn the printer on, you will see that a green light near the Power button will be lit. 

Afterward, make sure that the Wi-Fi indicator flashes quickly with blue light and the Power light will be lit.  

Step 2

Now, open the Canon Print application. After that, tap on the ‘Add Printer’ option from the main screen and then tap on the ‘Register Printer’ option. Afterward, tap on the ‘Printer Setup’ option. Next, tap on the ‘Connect via Wireless Router’ option. 

Step 3

Now, you will be prompted to connect the device to the Canon IJ setup network. To do this, open the Settings on your device and then tap on the ‘Wi-Fi’ button. Next, connect the printer with the Canon IJ setup network. 

Once the device is connected to the network, go back to the main screen and tap on the OK button. 

Step 4

Choose the wireless network name or access point that you want to use and then enter the password of the broadcast network. Tap on the OK button to proceed. Now, the network settings will be sent to the device. Afterward, tap on the OK button. 

Step 5

Once the printer is detected by the iOS device, select the name of the printer to connect the printer with the iOS device. Once the message appears on the screen, tap on the OK button and then run a test print. 

Hopefully, the above will help you to setup the Canon MG2922 printer. To read a similar setup guide, you can stay tuned to our posts. 

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