How to Setup Brother MFC L2700DW [Step-By-Step Guide]

How to setup Brother MFC L2700DW

Brother MFC L2700DW is a monochrome laser printer with Duplex printing capabilities. The Duplex printing features are used to print black and white handouts, like flyers, drafts, and other documents. Also, this Brother printer can print up to 27 pages per minute.

Like other wireless printing, it allows you to print through WiFi. In case, you have just purchased this Brother printer model and searching for how to setup the Brother MFC L2700DW printer, then you can take help from this guide.

Learn How to Complete Brother MFC L2700DW Wireless Setup Procedure

Before you connect Brother MFC L2700DW printer to the Wi-Fi, you need to see the wireless network settings of the wireless router or access point. So, see your current wireless network settings and note down the following things.

  1. Name of the Network, also known as SSID or ESSID
  2. Write down the Network key commonly known as Password, security key or the Encryption key.

To find out the SSID and Password, you need to check the backside of the Wi-Fi router or access point. Besides that, see the documentation which is provided by the wireless router. 

Once you have got the complete information about the network settings, then, proceed to the steps below.

Step 1 

At first, you have to connect the power cord to the Brother MFC L2700DW printer and after that, connect it to a power socket.

Next, press the power button and turn on the Brother printer.

Step 2

Thereafter, proceed to the control panel of the Brother MFC L2700DW printer and hit the Menu button.

Next, scroll up or down arrow key in order to choose the network and hit the OK key.

Again, use the Up or Down arrow to choose the WLAN and. Once done, then press the OK.

[Note-  This step might not be applicable to all systems].

Step 3

On the next page, you may have to either scroll up or scroll down to select the Setup Wizard. After that, press OK.

Now, if “When WLAN Enable?” shows on the LED display, then choose Yes to enable the wireless network. After that, the Wi-Fi setup wizard will be started. 

Step 4

The printer will search for the network and immediately all the available network names will appear on the display. 

From there, you have to select the SSID that you noted down earlier. To do so, use the Up or Down arrow key and choose the SSID name. Once done, then hit OK.

Step 5

Perform any of the following things:

  1. In case, you prefer the authentication and encryption method, then you need to enter the Network key. Once done, press the OK key to apply.
  2. But if the encryption mode is none and the authentication setup is an Open System, then follow the next step.

Step 6

The Brother printer will try to connect with the wireless network that you have selected.

In case, the Brother MFC l2700 printer has been successfully connected, then the LED lights will pop up.

It simply means that the setup procedure is completed.

Step 7

After completing the wireless setup, you have to install the driver. 

For Windows users, go to the official website of the MFC l2700DW printer and after that, proceed to the Download section. Then, download the Full Driver & Software Package. To complete the remaining task, simply follow the online instructions. 

If you are a Mac user, then visit the website and thereafter, go to the Download section. From here, download the Full Driver & Software Package. The installation process is instructed on the download page. 

Common Issues and Fixes Related to Brother MFC L2700DW Printer:

Unfortunately, millions of users have complained about issues while using this model of the Brother printer. Here, some of the common issues and solutions are provided.

1. MFC L2700DW Printer is Not Connected

This is the most common issue that has been reported by the users. Here are the fixes to get rid of the issue.

  1.  In the beginning, check the connection between the printer and your device. Also, print the network configuration report and see can you find any test that has failed.
  2. Based on the test result, perform the troubleshooting procedure. If you use a Mac system, then move to the HDD and after that, select the Application option. Then, select the Utilities button.
  3. In addition, hit the Network Utility option. Furthermore, tap on the PING button.
  4. Select the Send Only_pings option and in the next step set the value to 4.
  5. Right-click on the PING button and see if the MFC L2700DW printer is responding.
  6. Apart from that, ensure that you have properly installed the printer driver. 
  7. On the next page, set the machine as the default printer
  8. Now, check if the machine is in the Ready state. If not, press the Power button and bring the printer to the ready mode.

2. Brother MFC L2700DW Printer is Offline

To get rid of the Brother printer offline error, follow the below steps listed below.

Step 1

Ensure that the L2700DW printer is turned on. Also, make sure that it is plugged into a power source.

See if an error message shows on the Control Panel of the printer. Besides that, ensure that the printer and device are properly connected. If required, then reconnect it.

Step 2

After that, open the Control Panel on the computer and choose the Hardware and Sound option. On the next page, select the Devices and Printer button.

Here, locate the Brother MFC L2700 printer and right-click on it. Thereafter, choose the Set as Default Printer option.

Step 3

Again, right-click on the printer and this time choose What’s Printing option. Go to the Printer tab and then choose the ‘Cancel All Documents’ option for cleaning the print queue.

Under the Printer tab, unselect the Use Printer Offline option in order to change the printer status online.

Step 4

Now, search and remove all the other icons which are similar to the Brother printer. Also, uninstall the printer driver. Then, check if the issue has been sorted out or not.

3. Brother MFC L2700DW Paper Jam Issue

To fix the paper jam issue in your Brother printer, proceed to the below part.

First, open the Automatic Document feeder cover and take out the jammed paper. To avoid paper jam issues in the future, you are advised to clean the toned paper from the ADF.

Next, remove the tray from the Brother printer. Then, you have to close the front cover and thereafter placed it back. Clean the jammed paper from the rear tray of the machine.

Make sure that you have properly closed the rear cover of the Brother printer. Once done, then push the lock lever in order to remove the toner cartridges. Besides that, remove all the ripped paper from the toner cartridges. When finished, place the assembly back to its position.

4. Why MFC L2700DW Printer Prints Black Pages?

This is another serious issue. In order to fix this problem, you need to perform the print head cleaning.  If you thoroughly follow the below directions, then it will surely make the task easier for you.

Step 1

Go to the Operational panel of the MFC L2700 printer. After that, press the Menu key. From there, choose Ink and press OK.

Choose the Cleaning option and press the OK key. Then choose  Black, Color, or All for cleaning the print head.

Step 2

To confirm, hit OK. Once finished, then move to the Menu. Then, select Ink and press OK. After that, choose the Test Print. Hit the OK key.

Next, tap on the Print Quality and again press the OK  

Step 3

Thereafter, tap on the Color Start option for printing the Print Quality Sheet. Then, insert paper in the Brother printer and print them.

That’s it. Hope after reading this passage, there should not be any doubt in your mind regarding the setup process of the Brother MFC L2700DW printer and how to connect Brother MFC L2700DW printer to Wi-Fi.

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