How To Setup Brother HL-5370DW Wireless Printer

brother hl-5370dw wireless setup

Brother HL-5370DW printer comes with several exciting features that can help you to maximize your daily efficiency with the advantages of connectivity. 

This device starts with Wi-Fi technology that enables you to print and scan wirelessly from anywhere in your entire office or home.

To make this printer run efficiently and smoothly, the first thing that you have to perform is Brother HL-5370DW wireless setup

How to Setup Wireless Printer Brother HL-5370DW? 

If you have a WLAN access point or if your router supports WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), AISS (AirStation One-Touch Secure System), or SecureEasySetup, then you can connect the printer with the broadcast network easily. 

Now, you can perform the below steps to setup wireless printer brother HL-5370DW printer wirelessly without any hassle:

Step 1: Configure the Wireless Settings

First, configure the wireless settings of the device. To do this, you can perform the steps that are as follows: 

  1. Place the printer in the range of the router. 
  2. Connect the power cable with the printer and the other end to the power supply. 
  3. Now, turn the device On and wait for a few seconds until the device is in a stable state. 
  4. Afterward, press the AOSS, WPS, or SecureEasySetup button of the router for a few times. 
  5. Locate the wireless setup button from the backside of the device and press it. Hold it for at least 2 seconds. 
  6. Now, the printer will try to detect the mode (AOSS, WPS, or SecureEasySetup) of the router that is used to configure the device. 
  7. After that, you will see the connection result on the LED indicator. 
LED Indication: 
    • Green: If you see that the Status LED indicator is on and showing Green color, then it indicates that the device is connected. It means, your printer is connected successfully to the router. Then, you can go to the Step 2. 
    • Red: If the Status LED indicator blinking with Red color, then it indicates that the connection has failed and the printer has not connected to the router. Hence, you need to repeat the same process from the 4th step once again. Else, you can reset the device to its default factory settings. 
    • Yellow and Red: If the Status LED blinks with Red and the Paper LED blinks with Yellow color, then it indicates No Access Point. That means the printer hasn’t detected the access point on your wireless network. To solve this, repeat the above steps from 4th step or you can reset the printer to the default factory settings to get rid of this issue. 
    • Red:  If you see that the Status LED flashing Red color, then it indicates a Connection Error. It notifies that the printer detects a session overlap. In this case, you can repeat the process from the 4th step.


Step 2: Installing Driver for Network

After configuring the wireless settings of the router, install the driver and software to complete the setup process. Here’s how to do this: 

      1. First of all, confirm that the computer is turned On and you have to admin rights. 

      2. Now, insert the installation CD-ROM into the DVD drive of the system. 

Note: If you don’t have the CD-ROM, you can visit the official website of Brother and then go to the Download section. Search for the ‘Full Driver & Software Package’ by using the model name of your device. Then, download and install that on the system. 

       3. Once the opening screen appears, select the model of your printer and then choose the language option. 

Note: If it doesn’t open, go to ‘File Explorer’ and navigate to the ‘This PC’ section. Afterward, open the CD/ DVD drive and click twice on the ‘start.exe’ option to open the opening screen. 

      4. Afterward, the CD-ROM main menu will appear. Tap on the ‘Install Printer Driver’ from this page. 

      5. Hit on the ‘Wireless Network users’ option from the next page. 

      6. Select the ‘Driver Install Only’ option and tap on the Next button. 

      7. Now, complete the setup process by following the on-screen prompts. 

These are the simple steps to set up a wireless printer brother HL-5370DW printer. Hopefully, it will help you to enjoy printing. 

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