Brother hl-2170w Wireless Setup Guide

Brother hl-2170w Wireless Setup

Brother HL-2170w provides a high printing quality of 2400 x 600 dpi resolution and features best for home/office purposes. It has a fast printing speed (up to 23 ppm) and provides a high-quality output.

Besides its outstanding features, Brother HL-2170w is an energy star compliant which signifies its environment friendliness. However, to use it wirelessly, one needs to connect it with the WiFi.

Setup is one of the most essential steps that you need to perform before using its features and functionalities. Hence, if you are unaware of the setup process, here is how you can perform.

How to Set Up a Brother hl-2170w Wirelessly?

Before moving any further with the setup process, the user should have important details like SSID/Network Name and Password/Network Key with them. Both of these are written at the back of the WiFi router. So, jot it down somewhere securely.

However, if the user does not know their SSID or Network Key, then they should contact the manufacturer to acquire them both.

Step 1: Unpack the Machine and Examine the Components

At first, unpack your machine and check whether all the components that are present within the package or not. Eliminate the orange protective part from the machine exterior, protective film from the printer body and LCD simultaneously. Discard all the plastic bags from the package as well. 

Step 2: Install the Drum Unit and Toner Cartridge Assembly

Open the front cover and unpack both the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly. Move it side by side to scatter the tanner all over the assembly. Then, place both the drum unit and toner cartridge within the printer and then close shut the front printer cover. 

Step 3: Insert Paper Within the Paper Tray

Drag the paper tray from the printer entirely. Press the green paper-guide and then release lever. Slide the paper guides so that the paper can fit according to the size. Note that the guides should be within the slots firmly.  

Before inserting the paper, fan it nicely so that it does not get jammed up. Put it within the paper tray and make a note to place the paper properly below the maximum paper mark. Moreover, it should lie flat within the tray. Once done, add the paper tray back inside the printer properly.

Step 4: Print a Test Page 

Keep the printer turned off and then connect the AC power cord with the printer. Plugin the power cord within the power outlet and then turn the printer power switch on. Unfold the support flap and Press the Go button, once the  Ready LED/Go button stops blinking and stabilizes. Now, the printer will print a test page. Check if it is printer is working perfectly or not. 

Step 5:  Driver Installation and Wireless Network Card Configuration

Before starting the configuration, make sure to keep the brother machine within the WiFi range and check if your WLAN access point/router consists of WiFi Protected Setup or AOSS symbol.

After checking the parameters, insert the Brother Driver and Utilities CD within the system. Select HL-2270DW. Again, set the Language as English (according to your preference). Click on Install Printer Driver and then select USB cable users and agree to the license agreement by clicking the Yes option. Connect the USB cable to the system and then to the printer. Click on Next> Finish.

Keep your connection type as Wireless Connection Type and then click on Next. Select Brother Peer-to-Peer Network Printer and then click on Next again. Go through the notice for Antivirus/Firewall users and Click on Ok.

Select “Yes, My Access Point supports WPS or AOSS and I want to use” then click on Next. Locate the wireless setup button situated at the back of the machine for less than 2 seconds. After doing so, your mode for machine configuration will be detected automatically.

Press the WiFi Protected Setup or AOSS button located on WLAN access point/router. Through Machine LED light you will be able to know the connection results. Now, a wireless LAN report will be printed. Click on Next. Mark the box confirming the wireless setup completion. Again, click on Next. This marks the end of Wireless Setup.

Hopefully, with the help of this guide, you will be able to perform a brother hl-2170w wireless setup on Windows 10 easily. 

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