Resolve Canon Printer Offline Windows 10 With Some Incredible Ideas

canon printer offline windows 10

Canon manufactures superior quality printers which are used for office and domestic purposes. But due to several conditions, including poor WiFi connection and/or power supply, your printer may show offline. Canon printer offline Windows 10 is not an exception in this regard.

Therefore, in this post, you will find the most effective hacks that will help you to sort out the problem at an instant. So, take a look at the entire article minutely and perform it on your own.

What gets Canon Printer Offline Windows 10?

There are various reasons for this particular glitch. It happens specifically when you are connected over a weak or poor internet connection. Apart from that, if the file system is corrupted, or in any case if you delete a folder accidentally, then the printer shows an offline status. In some cases, hardware errors are also responsible for this issue as well. Such as, if the USB ports and USB cables are damaged or broken, you are using an outdated driver and firmware, then you may also face the issue.

Reliable Methods to Fix Canon Printer Offline Windows 10?

If you are also encountering the same glitch, then follow the tricks in the exact same fashion as they are described here and get yourself going. Thus, you check:

Trick 1: Unpause the Printer and Set It Online

First, click on the Start option. After that, begin with the option “Devices and Printers” from the section “Control Panel.” Now, choose the “Canon printer” by right-clicking on it. Then, choose the option “See what’s printing.” You can see a new window will open and you need to choose “Printer” from it. Next, select the icon “Open As Administrator.” Now, you have to tap on “Printer” option for once more. If you find “Pause Printing” and the “Offline” icon is marked as ticked then unpause it and untick the “Offline” option. Finally, close the tab and check if the printer is printing properly or not.

Trick 2: Change the Spooler Service

  • First, open the cover of the printer and the printer access door. Check if the printer contains sufficient ink in it or not.
  • Then, disconnect the USB and other external peripherals from the printer.
  • Now, press and hold the Windows logo and R simultaneously.
  • Then, type the command “services.msc” under Open dialog box and click OK
  • On the new page, press P to see a list of Spooler Service. Now check if the status is working.
  • If it is not, right click with your mouse and Start with the operation.
  • You can also tap on the Restart icon to make changes in the Spooler Service. Close all the Windows and the Settings.

Trick 3: Use “Printer Offline Mode”

As an alternative method, this can help you to get rid if you are getting to see that your Canon printer is offline Windows 10 completely. To do so, at first, turn on your printer and computer both. Then, click on the Settings icon. After that, choose Devices and click on it. Now, move to the option “Printers and Scanners.” Now, choose your printer name and have a click on “Open queue.” Now, be sure that the “Use Printer Offline” icon is not tick marked.

Trick 4: Update Printer Driver

Seldom an outdated driver restricts your printer from online. At that time, you have to update the driver as well. First, go to the official website of Canon printer and purchase the driver that is compatible with the operating system you are currently using. Moreover, you can install and download some tools for upgrading purpose. Else, you can also open the Settings and enable it to perform the function.

Reach The Experts For More Help

By any chance, if the mentioned fixes are not sufficient for you to resolve the Canon printer offline Windows 10, then this section is really handy for you. Being frustrated you can always give us a call at our toll-free customer care number +1-855-789-0292 and let the experts assist you. Apart from that, you can also send us an email at our official email ID addressing your difficulties. You can also enjoy the live chat facility, it is the most effective way to solve your glitch at an instant.

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