Canon Printer Error 6000: Fix It In The Most Feasible Manner

canon printer error 6000

Canon is one of the leading companies that provides multiple products such as cameras, scanner, printers and many more. Canon printers are user-friendly and also can perform multiple tasks including copying, scanning, printing etc. It allows their users to print efficiently without any trouble. But however, some users seems to face an issue with the Canon printer error 6000. It happens during the time of printing and restricts your printing job.

In case if you are also encountering the same issue, then you have to solve it as soon as possible. Here in this article, you will find some awesome tricks that can surely help you to fix the error without any delay.

Why Canon Printer Error 6000 Appears On The Screen?

There are multiple reasons that cause this particular error code. Have a glance at some of them that are illustrated in this section:

  • When the feed tray of the Canon printer prevents from opening and something like dust particles gets blocked in the tray then you might face error code 6000 as well.
  • In case inf the feed tray is not fitted correctly in your Canon printer then there is a possibility of getting this issue.
  • If you are trying to do multiple of work at a single time then the printer may not allow you to do that and shows error code 6000.
  • If the line feed is scratched or smeared or if you are using a faulty feed slit or sensor unit then error code 6000 appears on the screen.

How To Get Rid Of Canon Printer Error 6000?

Have a deep look at the apparent fixes that can help you to resolve Canon printer error 6000 without any delay:

Method 1: Reset Your Printer

A simple reset can fix this particular error code at an instant. So, try with a simple reset process. The first thing you need to do is to detach your printer from the power supply. Now, leave your device for about five to ten minutes in the pause mode. Now, again press and hold the Power button for five seconds and let your device turn on. Finally, try to print a page and check if the error gets resolved or not.

Method 2: Clean “LF and EJ”

Canon printer error code 6000 may occur due to smeared and scratched line feed. Because a faulty line feed does not allow the printer to work properly as well. At these times, you have to clean the “LF and EJ” slit film with a noncorrosive solution. It will help your printer to perform the printing job properly.

Methos 3: Update The Driver

Sometimes an outdated or old printer driver won’t let your printer to work perfectly and then you have to update the driver to get rid of the error code. The first thing you need to do is to open your computer and tap on the Start icon. Choose the “Device manager Window.” Then type “devicemngr” in the box and move to “Networks and adapters” and expand the category. After that, choose your device name as shown on the list. Now, right-click on that device icon and click on Update driver. Select “Search automatically for updated driver” software respectively. Lastly, confirm the method by tapping on OK and wait for a few minutes. Finally, restart your device to resolve the particular error code.

Interact With The Experts For Further Assistance

If you are searching for a trustworthy service to get rid of Canon printer error 6000, then its time to end your search with us. We have a team of experts that comprise of all the qualifications and experience to solve your glitch at an instant. Dial our toll-free customer care number and let the technicians help you. In case you are getting a busy tone, then feel free to send an email at our official email address. Never forget to write your queries in details. You will get the most effective fixes regarding your issues without any delay.

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