Know Ways How To Reset Lexmark Ink Cartridge Chip

Lexmark Inc., an American hardware manufacturer, develops exceptional printers for printing quality documents or images. However, several technical glitches are likely to hamper user experience. For example, at times, the cartridge chip of the Lexmark printer develops some problems. In such conditions, you need to reset the ink cartridge. Follow this article to know how to reset Lexmark ink cartridge chip by yourself.

What Causes Lexmark Ink Cartridges To Malfunction

how to reset lexmark ink cartridge chip

There are several factors which hamper the cartridge performance of Lexmark printers. You need to know the exact cause of the problem. Then only you will be able to provide an exact solution to the issue. Have a look at some of the Lexmark printer ink malfunctioning reasons.

  • A problem in the printer driver can create such issues with the cartridge chip. You need to uninstall or update the driver to get rid of the issue.
  • If the cartridge of the printer is finished, you can face defects with Lexmark ink cartridges.
  • Accumulation of dirt and dust in the nozzle of the Lexmark printer can also be a reason. You need to clean the nozzle carefully with a soft cloth.
  • Moreover, if a paper is jammed inside the printer, you will face errors with the Lexmark printer.

How To Reset Lexmark Ink Cartridge Chip

A printer which is malfunctioning is of no use. As a result, your work gets disrupted to a great extent. Therefore, you need to resolve the issues which are affecting the performance of the Lexmark printer. Take a look at the easy solutions by which you can overcome the query “how to reset Lexmark ink cartridge chip”.

Update Printer Driver

Before trying to reset the ink cartridge chip of the Lexmark printer, you need to update the printer driver. This is because a large number of problems related to the printer can be resolved by updating the driver. Follow the procedure to update the printer driver. You need to click on the Start button located at the left of the taskbar. In the search field of the Start menu, type Device Manager and hit the Enter button. Then you have to select the Device Manager option. A list of all the drivers installed will show up when the Device Manager window opens. Locate the Printer driver option from the list. Then right-click on the option and choose the “Update” option. This will take some time to update the Lexmark printer driver. Make sure that you have a good internet connection while you update the driver.

Software Reset Ink Chip

You can easily reset the cartridge ink chip of the Lexmark printer using the Lexmark software. Open the software and go to the Maintenance tab. There you will find a button “Install New Printer Cartridge”. Click on that button. Now, click the Next button where you have to select the option “Print Alignment”. After you test the alignment of the page hit the Reset cartridge button. This might consume some time. Then follow the on-screen instructions and restart your Lexmark printer. However, this might not work sometimes depending on the scale of malfunctioning.

Contact Lexmark Services Promptly

You can always avail the help of Lexmark support team if you find a difficulty in resolving the error on your own. The Lexmark team of executives will efficiently analyze the problem with the cartridge and provide an ideal solution for it. You can contact them in three different ways.

Pick up your phone and dial their support number. The Lexmark support number is available 24 * 7 which means that you can contact the techies at any time of the day. The professionals at Lexmark team will patiently listen to your problems. Furthermore, you can also email the executives at the official email ID. Also, you can use the Live Chat Portal to chat with the support team regarding the query “how to reset Lexmark ink cartridge chip”.


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