How To Perform A Reset On Your Canon Printer

Reset a Canon Printer Cartridge

You might feel the necessity of resetting a Canon printer when it is not responding or when some minor issues occur in it. A quick reset of the cartridge and a factory reset can relieve your Canon printer from complicated issues and also your work will also not be hampered.

If you have a Canon printer and want to know how to reset a Canon printer, then you are in the right place. Here, you will get to know how to perform a reset of a Canon printer cartridge, or factory reset the Canon printer. 

How to Reset a Canon Printer Cartridge?

Before you leap to the how-to-reset section, you need to know the category of your printer. We have divided the Canon printers into 3 categories according to their specifications. You are requested to follow the categories first, then proceed with according to the category.

Category 1: It contains Canon printers like the Canon Pixma MP series and some of the IP series like IP1600. IP2600, etc.

Category 2: It contains those printers that don’t have LCD screens.

Category 3: This category has those printers that have an LED display.

Canon Printer Cartridge Reset for Category 1:

If you have a Canon printer with the specifications of the Category 1, then you need to follow the instructions given below.

  1. You need to press the Stop or Reset button on the LCD display. As an alternative, you can press and hold the Resume button for at least 5 seconds.
  2. It will ensure that the printing continues with the ‘ink out’ situation.

Canon Printer Cartridge Reset for Category 2:

Go through the steps below if your Canon printer belongs to this category as per the above-mentioned sections.

  1. You need to press and hold the Resume button for a while. After releasing the Resume button, do the same for the Power button. 
  2. Next, press and hold the Power and Resume buttons simultaneously for at least 5 seconds.
  3. Now, release the Resume button. Keep tapping the Resume button 5 times.
  4. You can now let the Power button go. The Power light should stop blinking and become steady after a while.
  5. The printing will carry on with the ‘ink out’ situation.

Canon Printer Cartridge Reset for Category 3:

If your Canon Pixma is from MP, MX, or MG series, then you should track these general printer and ink counter reset process.

  1. If your Canon printer is on, press the Power button to turn it off.
  2. Press and hold the Stop or Reset button while simultaneously press the Power button. Meanwhile, don’t release the Power button. Now, release the Stop or Reset button. Keep tapping the same button twice in a row.
  3. You need to wait until the LED displays 0. Again, keep pushing the Stop or Reset button 4 times. Push the Power button 2 times.
  4. After that, press the Power button again. Your Canon printer is now reset meanwhile.
  5. Now, you have to perform the cartridge ink counter reset. Remove all the USB cables from the printer. Detach the power cord as well.
  6. Open up the cartridge door and keep the power button on hold.
  7. You need to connect the power cord to your Canon printer while holding the Power button.
  8. Now, you can close the cartridge door. Release the Power button to confirm the reset process.

How to Reset a Canon Printer Cartridge (MP Series):

Mostly, Canon Pixma MP 200 to MP 400 printers can respond to this reset process. Follow the guidelines one by one to accomplish a proper reset.

  1. Switch off your Canon MP printer. Detach the power cord from the printer.
  2. You need to press the Power button when you are plugging in the power cord again.
  3. Press the Stop or Reset button simultaneously while pushing the power button. Release the Power switch. This initiates the factory mode in the Canon printer.
  4. Locate the option named ‘Shipping Mode 3’ on the LCD screen. You may use the arrow keys to choose the option. Press the OK button to continue.
  5. A prompt will appear with the message ‘Without Cleaning’. Hit the Stop or Reset button then. This will enable a test page printing through your Canon printer.
  6. Lift the Canon printer cover and wait until the cartridge moves to the left. Again, detach the printer from the outlet.
  7. Close the cover. Plugin the power cord and turn on the Canon printer. Place the ink cartridges back to their place once you can notice the message: ‘Replace Cartridge’. Wait a while until the printer identifies the cartridges.

How to Reset a Canon Printer Cartridge and Ink Counter (MP/MX/MG Series):

Proceed with the steps mentioned below if you own a Canon printer of MP, MX, or MG series.

  1. Switch off the printer.
  2. Hold the Stop or Reset button while pressing down the Power button.
  3. Now, let the Stop or Reset button go. But don’t let the power button go. Keep pressing the Reset or Stop button twice.
  4. Wait until the LED shows you a 0. Now, tap the Reset button 4 times continuously.
  5. Tap on the Power button twice in a row. Switch off the printer to complete the full reset of the cartridge of your Canon printer.

How to Factory Reset a Canon Printer:

The factory reset will reset your Canon printer to the default settings. It will rewind your Canon printer back in time with what settings it came to you. Well, you need to establish the connection again with all other devices.

If your Canon printer is too arrogant, then it is advised to stick to the guidelines below to perform a factory reset.

  1. Switch on your Canon printer.
  2. Locate the Setup menu on the Control Panel with the help of directional arrow keys. 
  3. Enter the Device Settings. Continue the process by pushing the Ok button.
  4. Opt for the Reset option. 
  5. Finally, press the OK button to start the factory reset.

Wait until the factory reset completes. Now, you can do the necessary modifications again when your Canon printer starts responding again. This is the easiest method to recover any issues, whether major or minor, of the Canon printer.

Hopefully, you have learned the ways to reset the printer cartridge of the Canon printer. Also, the factory reset will help you to overcome any serious error of the Canon printer. Overall, the guide is helpful to assist you on how to reset a Canon printer.

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