How To Reset Canon Ink Cartridge? Get It Clear And Easy

how to reset canon ink cartridgeCanon printers are one of the widespread brands when it comes to developing printers that are durable and affordable. Besides, they are recommended highly due to quality printing at a fair price. However, the best features cannot be utilized until the ink cartridge works well. Any mistake while setting up the ink tank can lead to errors and drastically affect the output. In case you are one of those unfortunate users who is having a tough time setting the cartridge, this article will surely help you. Follow the procedure and learn “how to reset Canon ink cartridge?” In case any trouble occurs, do not panic and talk to the Canon experts for timely solutions.

How to Reset Canon Ink Cartridge?” The Considerations

The process, if you are unsure of “how to reset Canon ink cartridge?” that we are going to discuss in this article is applicable for most cartridge model numbers and Canon Printer model numbers. However, for each type of Canon printer, the ink cartridge size, the model number would differ. We advise you to check the manual guide to know which integrated ink cartridge will work for your printer. Anyhow, the guideline works for Canon 40,41,50,51, 30,31, 210,211 and 240 integrated cartridge. After the process is executed you may find some error codes while taking out the test print. Do not worry just make sure that no ink oozes out.

Along with that, make sure that the cartridge is bought from genuine buyers and has a manufactured date below the cover.

Guidelines For The Canon Ink Cartridge Reset

Canon inkjet printers are inbuilt with special chips that notify all whenever the ink is low. Therefore, if you’re getting the same message, you must not skip these messages at any point in time. Once you get this message, follow the steps stated below.

  1. First, remove the previous ink cartridge from your Canon model
  2. Now, insert the new cartridge in the main channel of the resetter.
  3. Make sure the chip of the Canon ink cartridge you are using is in contact with resetter plate.
  4. Then, press down the Canon ink cartridge slowly. It will take hardly a minute to finish. Also, check the chip resetter. It must flash LED lights for several seconds.
  5. Hold the cartridge until the LED light no longer flickers.
  6. Now, remove other cartridges and repeat the entire process again.
  7. Finally, install the Canon ink cartridges in your Canon model.

As a piece of warning, you should not print on the empty cartridge, otherwise the printer will be damaged.

Approach Required For The Canon Printer MP200-400 Series

  1. Switch off the Canon printer and detach it from the outlet. Then, click on the On or Off button while attaching the cable in its place.
  2. Now, press the Stop or Reset icon along with the On switch twice. Then, release the button and sooner you will reach the factory mode.
  3. Now, use the right arrow and move to Shipping Mode 3 and hit the OK option.
  4. Simultaneously, hit the Reset button when a message appears on your LCD screen
  5. These commands are vital since it tells the Canon printer to take out a test print.
  6. Now, uncover the Canon printer series and remove the printer from the outlet. Make sure, the cartridge is positioned in the left side.
  7. Bring out both the cartridges closing the cover and attach the power cable back to its position.
  8. Finally, press the On or Off button and wait for another pop up on the display screen.
  9. When you see it, press the ink cartridge gently and wait for seconds before the system recognizes the Canon model you are using.

A Pool of Engineers By Your Side

Though the Canon printers have surpassed most of their competitors in the market, they are not flawless. Any mistake while resetting the ink level can hinder the printing process. Moreover, you can land in a mesh of error codes also during the time for which you use the printer. Therefore, if the tutorial on “how to reset canon ink cartridge?” doesn’t work enough for you, call us immediately. Canon Support number +1-888-223-5549 is right here active for you. Our experts have an immense idea about the setup procedure and can guide you through the glitches that you may encounter while working on printers. Hence, it is advised to seek expert help rather than letting the situation worsen. Apart from calling on the helpline number, you can drop an email listing your queries. Further, we are also available through live chat portal.  

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