“How to Reset Brother Printer?” With An Easy Guide

how to reset brother printer

Brother printers are one of the durable and competitive devices that work well printing high-quality images and documents. It is robust and till now, quite a few companies are using it for everyday life. However, at times due to factory settings or any other glitch, you need to restart and change some settings. In case, you are wondering how to do it, read the article on “how to reset Brother printer?Though the steps are detailed enough, any mistake on your part can affect its performance. So, follow them minutely and call the Brother Printer experts in case of emergency. All the steps below are to be followed:

How To Reset Brother Printer: Why Do You Need It?

Before we begin with the detailed procedure, there are few things, that we must keep in mind. You need to reset the printer on several occasions.

  • First, resetting helps to eliminate troubles regarding error codes
  • It also fixes issues regarding toner problems, like dried out ink, page folding etc.
  • Resetting the printer also takes place after factory settings are applied.
  • Any changes in network connectivity, system configuration needs resetting your brother printer to get it recognized while printing.

With so many applications everywhere, you need to learn “how to reset Brother printer? Make sure that you switch off the printer before beginning with the process.

Resetting Brother Printer To Resolve The Error Codes

  1. To begin with the process, first, turn off your Brother printer model.
  2. Then attach the power cable and shut the front cover of the machine.
  3. Then, tap and press the GO icon and switch on the printer. Continue with the activity until all the LED lights are lighting up. After a while, you will find the READY icon LED switches off on its own.
  4. In this stage, leave the GO button and confirm that the LED lights are no longer blinking.
  5. Now, tap and hold on the GO button multiple times. Six times are preferred depending upon the model you are using.
  6. With time, the LED lights will turn on and blink to indicate that the print server and the machine are ready after the resetting procedure is completed.
  7. Sooner, the machine will restart on its own. Take out a print test to check whether further problems appear while the printing is in process.

Alternative Method

You are likely to find three reset functions for the printer and you can choose either of them. Network process resets the passwords and IP address. This works with the internal parts. Address and Fax deal with the contact details part. And the last one is to go for the All Settings which readjusts the machine to its original form that is, the factory settings. The last functions require expert guidance since any complexity can lead to data loss. Without further delay, follow the steps.

  1. Remove the interface cable if you are going for the third function. First, tap on the Menu button and using the UP and DOWN arrow,  move to the Initial Setup.
  2. Click on the OK icon and again use the UP and DOWN arrow to select the Reset option.
  3. Choose the OK button and for the third time following the same method as step 2. This time you need to select the function you want for the machine. Move ahead with an OK and choose an alternative.
  4. If you choose the first one, move to the Menu and start the resetting procedure.
  5. Otherwise, you can move out of the procedure without making any modifications.
  6. The entire work takes time, so have patience. In case you find error codes or popups, there are chances that the condition is serious.

Brother Printer Support Assistance Within your Reach

How to reset Brother printer?” covers two methods. In case errors and other issues come up, simply dial the Brother Printer helpline number +1-888-223-5549.  Our technical team is well aware of the situation that appears when the factory settings or any setting procedure fails and you cannot eliminate it. In such a case, it is necessary to go for an expert opinion. They can thoroughly guide you around the problematic area. In case you find the phone lines busy, shoot an email and wait for the Brother printer executives to contact you. Otherwise, you can also join the live chat portal for 24*7 proactive assistance.


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