How To Replace Ink Cartridge On Canon MG3022 Printer

Canon MG3022 Ink Replacement

Running out of the printer ink is a common situation often faced by a printer user. It signifies that it’s time to change or replace your ink cartridge with a new one. However, you can easily replace the ink cartridge yourself by following just a few steps.

Canon MG3022 ink replacement is an interesting task to perform if you are a tech-savvy. Hence, keep reading further to know about the complete Canon Pixma MG3022 ink cartridge replacement process.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Beginning the Ink Cartridge Replacing Procedure:

Now before moving into the actual process, you need to keep some important parameters on your mind. To be more precise, we have mentioned them below.

  • The electrical contacts or printer head nozzle of a cartridge should not be touched as it might affect the printer and its printing quality.
  • Do not reinstall any used cartridges as it may induce clogging of nozzles.
  • If you want to replace the cartridge with a new one, then do so immediately. Make sure not to leave the printer with cartridge removed.  
  • After installing the cartridge, do not leave it out in the open as it may get dried out. This may further affect the operation of the printer.

Step-By-Step Guide for Canon Pixma MG3022 Ink Cartridge Replacement:

Make sure to plug in the power cord and turn on the printer before executing the steps. Once you see the power lamp blinking, the printer should be turned on.

Here are the steps following which you should be able to replace your Canon Pixma MG3022 ink cartridge easily. Make sure to follow and perform these steps carefully for a successful ink cartridge replacement.  

Step 1: Lift the Operation Panel and Wait for the Cartridges to Move to its Position

At first, open the printer cover by lifting it with both your hands. It is most probably located on the pivot and will get opened like a cover. 

Now, insert the ink cartridge within the focal point and wait for some time so that the cartridge can move to its position. Once it does, remove the ink cartridge from the printer.

Step 2: Remove the Old Cartridges

To remove the old cartridges, push the tab located beside the cartridge. This will detach the cartridges from the printer. Make sure to bring them out carefully. 

You need to watch out for ink spills throughout the entire time and be extremely cautious while executing this step.

Step 3: Unpack and Insert the New Cartridges

Unpack the new cartridges from its packaging and eliminate the orange protective tape from its surface carefully. Now insert it slantingly within the cartridge holder. Push the cartridge rigidly until it makes a click like sound. This signifies that the cartridge has snapped into its place perfectly.

Step 4: Perform a Test Page Printing

Once the ink cartridges get installed inside the printer, try to perform a test page printing. This is to confirm whether the ink cartridges are installed correctly or not. Thus, make sure to perform a quick print and check whether the printing quality is preferable or not. 

This marks an end to the complete guide of the Canon Pixma mg3022 ink cartridge replacement process.

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