Simple Guidelines On “How to Print from Phone to Canon Printer?”

how to print from phone to canon printer

It is not a surprise that phones are often used for various purposes and one of them is printing. With the latest technological advancements, it is quite easy to produce documents in real time via smartphones. All thanks to the various apps that people use. However, if you are a newcomer, you may not know about this feature. Canon printers come with inbuilt Google Drive Print which can produce multiple pics at one go. Similarly, the Canon application can work fine if the settings are modified properly. Therefore, follow this guideline to learn “how to print from phone to Canon printer? The process works both for the iPhones and the Androids. So, stay hooked until the end.

How To Print From Phone To Canon Printer? Some Considerations

Before we begin with the detailed process and steps, it is necessary to check on a few things. If you want to print your documents readily from your phone, then wondering why “how to print from phone to Canon printer?” would provide you nothing, but in fact, this article would surely free you off from your worries. So, check with the steps to verify:

  • Install the Canon app in your phone for quality printing, settings changes, color resolution selection etc.
  • Check the settings regarding AirPrint and Google Drive Print
  • Turn the Canon printer on and make sure it is wiped clean from any foreign materials
  • Establish a strong Wi-Fi connection
  • Set the paper in the correct order in the loading tray and make sure the laser ink is present. Otherwise, the process of printing will suffer.
  • Search through the images or the document that you need to print. It is usually saved in the device drive or SD card. You can also find them in the gallery section.

Print From Phone To Your Canon Printer: A Guide For The Android and iPhone Users

Once the requirements are fulfilled, go straight to these steps. No matter which Operating system you are using for the printing process, this method will work.

  1. Connect your smartphone (iPhone or Android) with the network
  2. Move to Google Play or iTunes Store in your phone and choose the Canon application
  3. If you have already installed and downloaded it, directly move to the device gallery.  Search the document or image you wish to print.
  4. Then choose the select button and this will open a new tab. There you can go for the Print Preview option and avail all the features available.
  5. Customize the color mode, the sheet size and type, one-sided or two-sided printing and others
  6. Once all these are done, move to Canon Mobile Printing and choose the option Print.
  7. Another page will appear and show you the list of networked devices.
  8. Choose your Canon model from the list and if it is absent there, manually find it.
  9. Finally, go for the print procedure and wait till the work is over.

Important Point For The Android Users

There can be little changes in the output depending upon the model of the Canon printer. However, the printing quality will be amazing. One important point that the user must remember is regarding snapshots and emoticons. Printouts for snapshots and customized graphics look pale despite color modifications. So, do not panic if the output is a tone lighter. Similarly, if you go for the 2-page printing, the document will look bizarre. It is better to go for a proper selection of page type in this regard.

Professionals At Your Doorstep

The guideline stated here work for most brands and in all devices. However, you can make a silly mistake and that can affect the entire process. So, it is better to avail of the services we provide. Our bunch of experts has been providing reliable solutions regarding printing for decades. We know the error codes that follow when the user complicates the process. Hence, choose the certified Canon Printer Support agency. Dial the tollfree number and talk to our Canon advisors. They will guide you through the printing process. Apart from calling the Canon helpline +1-888-223-5549, you can email and join the live chat option.

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