A Complete Guide On How To Perform Epson P800 Setup

Epson P800 Setup

After purchasing a new Epson P800 printer, the first thing, you have to perform is the Epson P800 setup to make the printer work smoothly. If you are unaware of the setup process, then you can go through the guide. 

How to Setup Epson E800 Printer?

Here, we are going to provide the easy steps through which you can set up the Epson E800 easily. So, you can perform the steps as follows: 

Step 1: Unbox the Device 

First of all, unbox the printer and then remove all the packaging tape and materials. Then, open the top cover and other materials from the inside of the printer. Open the front cover by pressing it. 

Step 2: Turn the Device On

Take the power cable, of the printer, and connect it with the printer. Connect the other end of the printer to the power supply. Now, press the Power button and hold it for a few seconds until the device turns on. 

Afterward, adjust the Control Panel and then choose your preferred language. After a few seconds, you will see that the cover of the ink cartridge unlocks automatically. It will take at least 40-50 seconds time to complete. 

Step 3: Install the Ink Cartridges

After turning the device On, open the cover of the ink cartridge. Then, shake the ink cartridges gently for a minimum of 5 or 6 seconds and unpack them. 

Now, insert the ink cartridges into the slot. Here, you will see different slots with different color indicators. After installing the ink cartridges, push them until you hear a click sound. 

Afterward, you can close the cover of the ink cartridge. Now, the device will start to change the delivery system of the ink. It will take a minimum of 10-12 minutes time to complete the process.

Note: Don’t turn the printer Off or open any covers while running this process. 

Step 4: Load Paper

Now, you have to load plain papers (matte and glossy) into the sheet feeder of the printer. To do this, open the paper support and then pull up the extensions. Then, press the front cover of the device to open it. Then, extend the output tray of the printer. 

Now, insert the paper printable side up against the right side and below the tab. Afterward, press the Edge Guide button and slide it against the paper. 

Step 5: Install Driver and Software

After loading the paper into the input tray, you can install the driver to complete the setup process. To do this, you can take a quick glance at the steps mentioned below: 

  • First of all, confirm that the device is not connected with the computer. But, if you see ‘Found New Hardware’ screen appears on the screen, then tap on the Cancel button and disconnect the USB cable. 
  • Now, visit the official website of Epson and search for the full package of appropriate driver and software by using the model number. 
  • Once you get that, download that on your computer. Now, run the setup program and then complete the further process by following the on-screen prompts. 

Once it opens the Connection screen, choose one of the following: 


  • Wireless Connection: Sometimes, the installer attempts to set up the printer wirelessly by itself. But, if the process failed, then you will have to enter the password and network name (SSID) of the router. 
  • Direct USB Connection: To use this, you have to make sure that you have a USB cable. 
  • Wired Network Connection: To use this connection mode, confirm that you have an Ethernet cable to complete the setup process. 


After choosing one of the above options, complete the further process by following the on-screen guidance. Once you complete the process, you will be able to enjoy a hassle-free printing job. 

FAQ: How to Print Fine Art Media on Epson P800 Printer? 

If you want to print fine art media, then you can do it by using the front manual feed tray. Here are the steps you can follow: 

  • At first, remove the paper from the sheet feeder and then close the extensions and paper support. 
  • Now, open the rear paper support of the device and then extend the read paper support. 
  • After that, open the front cover of the printer by pressing it. Next, press the center of the manual feed tray to open it. 
  • Insert a single sheet into the short end first with the printable side faceup. 
  • Then, feed the paper up to the line of the tray. Confirm that the paper is flush against the right side. Then, pull the paperback to align it against the edge of the manual feed tray. 
  • Select the Load option from the LCD display of the printer. It will start to load the paper into the device. 
  • Once you get a message on the LCD of the device, you can close the manual feed tray by pushing it in until it latches. 
  • Now, extend the output tray and then choose the ‘Paper Size’ and ‘Paper Type’ from the LCD. Lastly, press the OK button from the Operational Panel of the printer. 

After performing these steps, you will be able to print fine art media on the Epson P800 printer. 

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