Install HP Printer: A Complete Guide

install hp printer

If you are planning to buy a printer for the very first time in your life, then you can always go for the HP printers. Hp printers come at a very reasonable price and are available in a range of colors. Nowadays, HP wireless printers are very much popular. But, buying an HP printer you cannot use it then and there. To use the printer first you have to set it up. Thus, if you want to set up your HP printer in your house you can take a glance in this article, which might help you.

Need To Install HP Printer

To use the HP printer you have to install it on the computer. Also, in some cases, there is a problem with your HP printer, then you have to re-install the printer on your computer again.

Methods To Install HP Printer

Thus you must be thinking how to install the HP printer on your computer. There is nothing to worry about. We are going to discuss the methods to install the HP printer on your computer.

Normal Way Of Installing HP Printer

At first, connect the printer to the computer by attaching the USB cables. Then, power on the computer and the printer. Then, you will get the option ‘connection type’ on the computer screen. Now, windows support select any of the options ‘Through the Network’, ‘Network’ or ‘Wireless’ and go through the instructions on the screen to install your printer.

Setting Up The Printer

To set up the printer go through the steps:

  1. First, check the connection of the printer.
  2. Then, turn on the printer.
  3. Now connect the printer to the printer.
  4. Next, plug of the USB cable and install the driver in the computer.
  5. Then press the ‘Windows’ logo key and press the option ‘Devices and Printer’ from the right column.
  6. After that, choose the name of your printer and then select the option ‘Remote Device’.

Installing The Driver And setting Up The Connection

In this way install the driver and setting up the connection:

  1. After installing the driver in the previous methods you will get a notification ‘Let’s identify your product to get started’ and then select the ‘Printer Type’.
  2. Next, provide the  ‘model number’ of the printer and then select the option ‘submit’.
  3. Then in the ‘Driver’ select the option ‘Download’ to download the ‘Software package’ for the printer, also you can select the option ‘Basic Drivers’.
  4. As soon as you see the prompt on your computer screen, select the option ‘Printer connection’ and then choose the option ‘USB’

Thus, your HP printer is now ready to use.

Get In Touch With Us For Help And Support

This will positively help you to install the HP printer in your house. But if at any point in time, you face any difficulties while installing the printer with your computer, then you can contact us. You can always be through via our  number  +1-855-789-0292 for installing the printer.

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