Easy Solutions For Troubleshooting Samsung Printer Transfer Belt Error

samsung printer transfer belt error

Samsung is a well-known brand that manufactures, develops, and sells electronics devices for several years. Since its inception, Samsung Printers have been at the top of the market for its reliable and efficient performance. Most of the Samsung printer users often face the Samsung printer transfer belt error. Usually, an error message displays on the screen with the code C480FW.

If you are also struggling with the same error, then you need to fix it with the minimum possible time. Therefore, keep reading this article to know the most effective solutions in order to fix the Samsung printer transfer belt error C480 FW.

Symptom Of The Error Code C480 FW

When you are trying to print something, you get this error message of Samsung printer transfer belt error C480 FW. This error prevents you from doing any printing task. In such instances, you have to either fix the issue or replace the transfer belt with a new one. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use your Samsung printer.

Easiest Way To Resolve Samsung Printer Transfer Belt Error C480 FW

The transfer belt error is quite difficult to fix. Because this error occurs due to some defects inside the printer. Also, it can occur if the printer is not being set properly. Sometimes, this issue can continue even after replacing the transfer belt with a new one. Follow the below section in order to troubleshoot the error.

Solution #1 Data Clean Out

In order to fix the issue follow the steps given below.

  • Click on the Menu option in your printer. And then, type ‘#1934’. To navigate, you can use the arrow keys. Using the arrow key go to the Tech menu. This Tech menu is different from User mode.
  • After that, navigate to the Data Setup option.
  • Here, you will find two options. First, you can select the Clear Counts option. To do that, you have to enter the default password which is the same for all the Samsung printer users. Second, you can tap on the Clear All Memory option. This will remove all your custom settings. So, it is better to go with the first option.
  • After applying the first option, check whether the printer showing the same error message on the screen.

Solution #2 Reinstall And Update The Drive

Another effective solution is updating the Printer Driver. At first, uninstall the Printer Driver from the system you are using. Then, unplug all the cords which are connected with the printer. Then give it some time and reconnect the plugs again.

After that, reinstall the Printer Driver on your system from the manufacturer’s website. Check if an updated version available for the driver. If available, then update it accordingly. After updating the driver, check whether the problem is still there or not.

Solution #3 Remove Toner And Drum

If the above solutions do not solve the problem, then you need to change the transfer belt of your printer. Buy a new transfer belt from the manufacturer’s website and enjoy printing.

But sometimes you face this problem after replacing the transfer belt. Then, it should be a Gear Drive related problem. If it is possible to remove the toner as well as the drum and start the system without these parts, then do so. If the problem is still there, then you have to change toner and drum.

Get Expert Assistance To Troubleshoot The Issue

If the above-mentioned methods do not help you to resolve the Samsung printer transfer belt error C480 FW, then you need to take an expert’s opinion. Whatever may be the issue you are facing on your Samsung printer including this error message, you can take help from us. We provide reliable and affordable services at your doorstep.

We have some technical experts who have gained experience to fix the Samsung printer. You can avail of our services 24×7. You can contact us through our helpline +1-855-789-0292. Also, you can drop an mail mentioning your queries related to Samsung products. Our support team will reach you as they receive your mail. Alternatively, you can avail of our live chat option, where you can chat with our technical expertise and clear your doubts.

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