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Printers are considered one of the most important electronic gadgets in the digital world. Most of the users like Ricoh printers for its pocket-pinch price and it produces high definition prints as well. Despite the advantages, sometimes, it starts to show problems. In case you are facing some issues related to Ricoh printer error codes, then this article will help you to solve the problems instantly. Thus, you should read the entire article and find out a suitable fix for you.

Some Common Complexities Of Ricoh Printers

Here, in this section, we are going to discuss some of the basic issues that can happen with your Ricoh printer.

Physical issues:

  • There are Installation problems
  • Ink getting dry
  • There are printing problems
  • Blank papers come out after each printing process
  • Inserting sheet problems
  • There is a black line in the prints
  • Your USB is not supported
  • Problem with the scanner
  • You are facing Ink cartridge issues
  • Settings issues
  • Facing Wi-Fi or wireless configuration problems
  • Spooler issues

Technical issue:

Apart from the physical issues, some technical errors can happen with the Ricoh printer as well. Some of the common Ricoh printer error codes are as follows:

  • SC541
  • SC542
  • SC543
  • SC544
  • SC545
  • SC546

How To Resolve Ricoh Printer Error Codes?

Many times, you ask for fixing the error code that is still not solved even by switching on or off the printer. You need to follow the given steps for a complete solution.


The first thing you need to do is to tap the yellow colored “Clear Modes” key from the printer. Then, tap the number 107. Now, again you should press the red button. Choose the option “copy SP.” After a while, choose SP-5XXX that indicates “Mode.” After that, hit “page Down” till the “5810 SC code Ret” option highlighted. Next, tap on the “Execute” option and then hit the Exit key. At last, switch off your device and then turn it back on.

Solution 2:

ricoh printer error codes

Often, a simple update or reinstallation of the printer driver can fix the issues. To do so, go through these steps. At first, you need to check if the installed driver is corrupt or not.  Therefore, update and reinstall the printer driver for fixing such problems. After that, you need to install the driver one more time. Remove it and tap on the ‘Scan Now’ icon for scanning. The scanning process will look for defects on your system and also check for driver updates as required. When the process gets over, you need to select the ‘Update All’ option to update the driver of the printer successfully. To uninstall the driver, you must tap on the Tools option. Now, choose ‘uninstall driver’ to find the driver list needed to uninstall. Finally, select the ‘Uninstall’ icon to delete the drivers successfully.

Solution 3:

If the above solutions are not workable, then you might choose this one. At first, turn off the printer and the computer that it is connected with. Then, you need to unplug the power cord from the power supply. Leave your device for about ten minutes. Then, plug in the cords again and turn on your device and the computer. Now, check if the Ricoh printer is still showing the error or not.

Avail Our Services For Further Assistance

If you are still in confusion about how to solve Ricoh printer error codes, then do not get worried. Our company has a number of experienced technicians who are always ready to serve you with the best fixes regarding your issue. Our experts are available 24/7. You can also get in touch with us via text messages or live chat as per your choice. Our specialist can guide you to solve the issues without any delay.

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