Lexmark Printer Won’t Print: Excellent Fixes To Resolve The Issue

lexmark printer won't print

Printers are the devices which are omnipresent in this age of technology and virtuality. Be it your home, office or anywhere else, it is the printer which easily finds its way. Printing is an easy and efficient way to quickly get important documents, pictures or graphics in the form of hard copies.

Lexmark printers are used by professionals in their houses as well as in offices. Moreover, they come with multiple exhilarating features at reasonable costs. But, Lexmark printer won’t print is surely a nightmare for the users of Lexmark printers. Moreover, it is quite a prevalent issue which is faced by users across the world.

If you find that Lexmark printer won’t print without color ink, keep reading to learn some easy fixes.

What To Do If Lexmark Printer Won’t Print Without Color Ink?

Here, in this section, we have mentioned some tried and tested methods in order to resolve this glitch. Simply go through the below-mentioned solutions and solve the issue in no time. Therefore, have a look below and apply these steps carefully.

Step #1: Primarily, you need to select the Start icon, then go to the Control Panel. After that, in the Control Panel, simply enter “computer management”.

Step #2: When an icon appears on the display screen, simply double-tap on that icon. Now, you need to go to the Services section and then look for the Print Spooler button.

Step #3; Next, simply hit the Restart button in order to restart the spooler service. Then, you need to send your print job once again in order to check if the issue gets eliminated or not.

Step #4: Once you perform this action, you need to unplug the Lexmark printer. Then, carefully remove all the interface cables. Then, in order to ensure that no paper is stuck within the machine, you need to open your Lexmark printer.

Step #5: Now, before reconnecting the machine, you need to wait for about 30 seconds. Therefore, you can send a print job in order to check if the problem resolves.

Step #6: Next, you need to reinstall the Lexmark printer drivers.

Step #7: After this process, your Lexmark printer should work correctly.

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After following the above-mentioned solutions, we hope that you will find the best fix regarding Lexmark printer won’t print issue. However, if you still face the same problem, then you can directly get in touch with our support team. Contacting us is now easier than ever. Give us a call on our helpline +1-855-789-0292 Furthermore, you can also drop a mail at our registered email ID. Also, you can reach us via our live chat portal. Therefore, contact us today, and get the best solutions in your budget.

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