Resolve Kodak Printer Paper Jam Quickly

kodak printer paper jam

Kodak is an American electronics gadget manufacturing company which is one of the best in the world. One of its main products is printers. The printers from Kodak have well-defined their niche of coming up with game-changing quality. Moreover, Kodak also keeps in mind the factor of affordability for the users. However, every gadget reports errors with it at some point in time. Kodak printer paper jam is one such error. In this defect, the printing papers inside the printer get clogged in the nozzle of the printer. If you wish to resolve the issue on your own, then have a look at this article. Here you will learn some important hacks along with the causes of the error.

Why Kodak Printer Keeps Saying Paper Jam?

Kodak printer paper jam is one of the most common printer issues. You need to know the reasons behind the defects. Only then, you can provide the most perfect solution to your problem. Have a look at some of the causes:

  • If the sheets used for printing gets inside the printer’s nozzle, then you can face such errors.
  • The accumulation of dust particles might affect the performance of the Kodak printer. Hence, it can malfunction showing you the error message.
  • Furthermore, if the driver of the printer is corrupt, then you can face issues such as this. Updating the driver, in this case, can fix things for you.
  • If the Kodak printer’s software itself has gone corrupt, then also you can face such issues.

How To Fix Kodak Printer Paper Jam Promptly?

If you are confident enough to resolve the issues on your own, then this is the place for you. Take a glimpse at some of the steps by which you can ward off the defects with your Kodak printer.

Clear Paper Jam

  1. First of all, switch off the Kodak printer.
  2. Disconnect the power sockets and cables from the printer.
  3. Remove the input tray and the rear access door carefully.
  4. See where the paper is jammed inside the printer. If needed you can also remove the bottom cleanout door.
  5. Remove the paper or any bits of paper from the printer.
  6. Then, reconnect the power cords and switch the printer on. See if the printer is printing again or not.

Update Printer Driver

Click on the Start button and type “Device Manager” in the search field. If you have Windows 10 you can directly search in the Cortana. Then, select the Device manager option. The Device Manager window pops out on your desktop. You will see each and every driver that is installed in your device present here. Find out the “Printer driver” option and right-click on the option. Select the update option from the drop-down menu. Check whether you have a strong internet connection or not. Wait until the process is complete. Then, restart your machine and the Kodak printer. After that, try printing something and see if the printer is working or not.

Contact the Toll-free Support Number of the Experts

Printers are something which you need daily. Therefore, you can’t afford to keep it like that if it is malfunctioning. If you are not confident enough to resolve these errors without the professional’s interference, then it is better to seek the help of experts. You can always avail the services of Kodak experts. The experts there are well-trained and experienced enough to handle even the toughest of defects. In some situations, they will even provide a door-step service. You can directly call them at their 24 * 7 customer care number to talk to the engineers regarding Kodak printer paper jam. Furthermore, you can also email the executives or chat with them using the Live Chat Portal.


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