Fixed Kodak Printer Not Printing Black With Useful And Workable Tricks

kodak printer not printing black

Kodak produces quality printer for its users. It is used for official as well as for personal purposes. Though Kodak printer provides flawless services, sometimes users complain some of the glitches including “Kodak printer not printing black.” In case you are also confronting the same error, then you should solve it as soon as possible. Here, in this article, you will find some incredible hacks related to your issue. So, go through the entire article and kick out the error quickly.

Reasons Behind Kodak Printer Not Printing Black

There are multiple reasons behind this particular issue. Some of them are discussed below in brief. So, you should check them and try to ignore that.

Plastic Protective Tape: The cartridge of the Kodak printer is covered with a plastic protective tape. Users should take off the tape when they install the cartridge in the printer. But some people make the mistake of installing it without taking off the tape and as a result, they face this issue.

Incomplete Calibration: The calibration process allows the printer to control and predict the color of it. Hence, if the calibration is not completed properly, then users might encounter this glitch.

Dirt Accumulation: Users should always keep the ink cartridge and the printer clean. Otherwise dust particles can create the problem of “Kodak printer not printing black.”

Apart from the above reasons, if the ink of the Kodak printer gets concentrated or the printer itself has insufficient black ink for printing, then users also face this issue.

Smart Ways To Resolve Kodak Printer Not Printing Black

Follow the guide and perform exactly the same as stated below.

Method 1: Check The Ink Levels

This is the primary step that you can follow. The first thing you need to do is to turn on the printer and connect properly with the computer. After that, click on the Start key and select “Control Panel.” Then, choose the “Printer and Faxes” folder and double-tap on it.

Next, right-click on the product and choose the option “Preferences.” Click on the Services icon. You can see the Toolbox of the printer will show on the screen. From this section, choose “Estimated Ink Level” option. Now, you will be able to see the ink levels of the printer.

Method 2: Check Cartridge Tape

The new cartridge comes with a plastic tape cover as well. It helps the ink from spilling. But many users make the mistake by not peeling off the tape. This might cause the same issue. So, the best ways to get rid of the error is, take off the tape and then insert it in your printer. Hopefully, you will not face the issue from that time.

Method 3: Clean The Dust

At first, lift the cover of the printer. Now, you need to wait until the cartridges come in the middle of the printer. Then, elevate the cover and tilt it forward. But do not tilt it too fast. After that, you need to close the cover and switch the cartridge upside down.

Now, review it whether the ink get thickened or the dust is accumulating in inkjets. Then, clean the concentrated ink with a cotton swab very carefully. Also, remove the dust from the cartridge. Now, dip the cotton cloth in an isopropyl alcohol solution and remove the dirt from it. Finally, try to print a page and check if the error gets solved or still persists.

Reach Us For Further Tech-Assistance

Hopefully, the above fixes will help you in solving the issue at an instant. But in any case, if you find any difficulties, then you can get in touch with us. Our company has skilled engineers who are always ready to assist you with the best and effective tricks. Apart from that, you can also feel free to send an email to us. The professionals will always strive to respond you as soon as possible. You can avail of our services at a pocket-friendly rate as well.

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