HP Printer Problem With Printhead: How To Fix?

HP is the leading brand among the printer manufacturing companies in this date. In the world of printers, HP is quite a renowned brand. But, even some of the best things have some drawbacks  One such drawback of the HP printheads is the printhead problem. Sometimes, the ink from the cartridge might spill on the cartridge. Thus, resulting in the temporary blocking of the printing process.

Possible Causes Of The HP Printer Problem With Printhead

hp printer problem with printhead

Sometimes, the ink from the cartridges gets spilled from the cartridge in the printer, then it might get accumulated. Thus, if you are not using the printer the accumulated ink might get solidified which might create a problem while we are taking the printouts. Also, if the printhead gets damaged by prolonged use, then this problem might arise.

Methods To Resolve HP Printer Problem With Printer

These methods will help you to resolve the printhead problem on your HP printer:

Removing, Cleaning and Reinstalling The Printhead

At first, power off your HP printer. Then open the access door of the cartridge. Next, take out all the cartridges and then ‘Lifup’ the handle of the latch on the ‘Print Cartridge’ till it stops.

Now, pull up and take out the ‘Print Head’. After that wipe the ink from the ‘Printhead. After cleaning the printhead place the ‘Printhead’ back to the printer’ and then, put the cartridges back to it and then, close the access door.

Replacing The Printhead

In case, the printhead got damaged, then you might face the printhead issue on your HP printer. Thus, you can replace the printhead of your printer if it is not in the maintenance period.

Using Self-Clean Technique For Windows

At first, select the ‘Windows’ logo key from the keyboard. Then, select ‘Control Panel’ in the ‘Left column’. After that, select the option ‘Devices and Printer’. Now, select the option ‘view devices and printers’ and then open the menu of the printer. Next, select your printer’s name. Then, from the list select the option ‘Properties’. After that, select the tab ‘Maintenance’ or ‘Hardware’. Then, choose the ‘Cleaning’ option such as ‘Clean Heads’ or ‘Clean Cartridges’. Then, go through the instructions on the screen to clean the printhead on your HP printer.

Using Self-Clean Technique For MAC

At first, select the ‘Apple’ logo on the computer screen. Then from the list of options select the option ‘System Preferences’. Then select the option ‘Printers & Scanners’. Next, select the ‘Printer’ and then, select ‘Options & Supplies’. Then, select the option ‘Utility’ on the top of the page. Next, select the option ‘Open Printer Utility’. Then, choose the ‘Cleaning’ option. After that, follow the steps on the screen to clean the printhead of your HP printer.

By Following The Deep Cleaning

At first, open the ‘Printer Driver Setup Window’. Then from the ‘Maintenance’ tab select the ‘Deep Cleaning’. Next, run the ‘Deep Cleaning’ on your HP printer. After that ‘complete the cleaning process’ and then, go through the results.

Contact Us For A Better Assistance

Thus, this will eventually resolve the printhead issue on your HP printer. In case you need our assistance for this issue, then you can dial our tollfree number +1-855-789-0292.

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