HP Printer Printing Slow? Proven Fix For You

hp printer printing slow

HP company always produce quality printers for its users. For the advanced features of it, users prefer it the most. But in these recent times, they are complaining about an issue regarding HP printer printing slow. As a result, they are confronting some of the severe problems for the slow printing performance. At certain times, the printer stops to work and freezes continuously. This can happen due to various reason. The major one is poor connectivity or bad Wifi. If the printer server gets overloaded, then you might also face the error. Furthermore, if you are using an outdated version of printer driver and firmware, then this issue annoys you. Apart from that, driver installation error, printer tune-up, and optimization, spooler errors, incomplete printer installation are some of the other causes for this glitch to play up with your work.

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Workable Ways To Resolve HP Printer Printing Slow

Sometimes, a simple restart can solve the issue without creating any restriction. But, seldom it is hard to solve the “HP printer printing slow” issue.

Solution 1: Disable Advanced Printing Features

You can solve HP printer printing slow, by disabling the advanced printing features. At first, access the Start menu and open Control Panel. Then, select the option Printer queue and then, select the Printers preference by left clicking on it.

Then, go for the Advanced option and change it to Disabled. Finally, try to print a page and check if the issue gets solved or not.

Solution 2: Set A Static IP Address

Naturally, your router will ask you to re-attach your printer to an IP address every time. To do that, first, click on the Network option. Now, choose “IPv4 configuration” that is situated on the left of the screen. After that, tap on “IP Address Configuration” and change it to “Manual IP” instead of “Automatic IP.” adobe support But remember that, you should not change any of the IP information. Finally, hit the Apply button and save the changes.

Solution 3: Disable SNMP Protocol

The first thing you should do is to navigate to the Control Panel by tapping the Win+X key at the same time. Then, select “Device and Printer” by right-clicking on it. Next, select “Printer properties.” A new window will open on the screen. After that, choose “Ports” and move to “Standard TCP/IP Port.” Now, mark a tick on “Configure port.” Next, choose “SNMP Status Enabled” and uncheck the box. Finally, tap on OK to apply the changes. In the end, reboot your device and check if the error solved or not.

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