How to Fix Epson Error Code 0x97

Epson error code 0x97 pops up on the display when there is an issue with the internal hardware. Updating the firmware could not solve the error 0x97. The printer may print a few pages after the update, then again it ejects blank pages flashing the error.

There are quite a few Epson printer models that are known to have this Error Code 0x97.

0x97 mainly occurs on Epson XP-830, Epson wf-4630, Epson wf-7610, Epson wf-3640 and wf-3620 models.

What Causes Epson Printer Error Code 0x97?

When the motherboard or internal hardware starts malfunctioning, the error code will frequently show up during the printing process. Sudden power off and freezing are the most common symptoms of this error 0x97.

  • Sometimes, the connection issue becomes the responsible factors behind this printer error. A defective cable or damaged port creates this problem very often.
  • The presence of debris, solid particles or dirt inside the printer head is another reason behind this annoying issue.
  • An outdated Epson driver or an outdated firmware can cause this worrying problem.

Fix Epson XP-830 Error code 0x97 [Applicable to Other Epson Models as Well]

You can follow the solutions one by one and resolve the Epson error code 0x97 from your device.

Disconnect and reconnect the printer

error 0x97: Disconnect and re-connect printer

  1. Disconnect the cables from the Epson printer as well as the USB Drivers from the Epson printer.
  2. Take out all the components from the printer cartridges.
  3. Push down the power and discharge of the remaining power in the printer.
  4. Now, plug in all the wires and cable and the rest of the USB peripherals.
  5. Next, re-install the Printer ink cartridges and turn on the Epson printer.
  6. Now insert the A4 size papers into the system tray and check whether the Epson printer error code 0x97 appears on the screen or not.

Unplug and re-connect the printer in the Advanced Mode

Unplug and re-connect the scanner in the Advanced Mode helps to solve error code 0x97

  1. Switch off the Epson printer and disconnect all the cables from this device.
  2. Detach the USB peripherals after unplugging it.
  3. After that, wait until the Printer cools down and hold the Power button for a minute.
  4. Following the time, connect the power cord and hold the button one more minute.
  5. Then, release the power button and verify whether the error message associated with the error code 0x97 is showing on the device screen or not.

Clean the clogged printer nozzle to fix Epson Error Code 0x97

easy steps to fix epson printer error 0x97 by Cleaning the clogged printer nozzle

  1. Turn off the Epson printer and disconnect it from the power outlet as well from the Computer.
  2. Now, open the printer cover and lid properly. Take a cotton ball or a soft cloth and wet it with an ammonia-based solution.
  3. Fold the cotton ball in such a way that it can be easily fitted under the printer header and leave it for 10-12 hours.
  4. Remove that cloth from the printer after 11-12 hours and close the Printing device.
  5. When done, try to take a printout by inputting the papers into the system tray and check whether the Epson error code issue is resolved or not.

Run Printer Troubleshooter

Run Printer Troubleshooter to solve epson printer error code 0x97

  1. Download the Windows Printer Troubleshooter program from the Epson official website.
  2. Now, save the downloaded folder on the desktop.
  3. Double-tap on that folder and choose the executable file from the resultant window.
  4. Run this program properly and diagnosis the printer internal issue.
  5. When done, reboot the PC and the Epson printer successfully. Finally, check whether the Epson error persists or not.

Update Epson Drivers

Update Epson drivers - fix error 0x97

  1. Type “device mgr” in the search box and launch the Device Manager Window by hitting the Enter button.
  2. From the resultant window, choose the Printers and expand the menu.
  3. Select the appropriate Epson Printer Model which you are using currently and right-click on it.
  4. Choose the Update Driver option from the pop-up menu and confirm it by tapping the Yes button.
  5. It will take a few minutes to complete the upgrade process and reboot the device in normal mode.

Upgrade the printer firmware

Easy steps to Upgrade the printer firmware and fix error code 0x97

  1. Download the Epson Firmware with the latest version and install it properly.
  2. Enter Printer IP in the Printer Embedded Web server page and connect it to the network.
  3. Next, click on the Settings app and choose the option Upgrade Firmware.
  4. Now, click on the Browse button and select the perfect version of the firmware which is suitable for your Epson printer. Remember, the firmware update file extension must be “.fls”.
  5. Tap on the Submit button and wait for a few minutes to complete the firmware update process.
  6. When done, try to take a printout and text whether the Epson printer problem is fixed or not.

Epson 0x97 Fix Patch: Additional Methods

Downloading the 0x97 Fix patch can also resolve the error 0x97.

  • First, Download (0x97) Fix Patch.
  • Now, click on the ‘Scan’ button to run it.
  • Finally, click on ‘Fix.’

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