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dell printer not printing

Dell is one of the leading companies that make quality printers. Most of its users like it as it gives high-quality print. But sometimes, they complain about some issues regarding Dell printer not printing. In such instances, they face several problems that make them puzzled.

If you are also suffering from this same glitch, then do not get worried. Here, in this article, you will find some of the most effective ways that help the users to solve the glitch easily. So, go through the entire post and solve it at an instant.

What Causes Dell Printer Not Printing Black

Users can face Dell printer not printing issue for the multiple of reasons. Here, in this section, we are going to discuss some of them briefly.

Incomplete calibration: Calibration method help the printer to control and predict the color of it. Hence, if the calibration is not completed properly, then users might encounter this glitch.

Empty ink cartridge: If the ink cartridge is not filled with ink properly or contains insufficient ink, then the printer does not print anything. Instead, it gives the output as blank pages.

Concentrated ink: In case you do not use the Dell printer for a long time, then the ink might get thickened or concentrated. As a result, it does not print anything.

Plastic protective tape: Dell printer’s ink cartridge is coated with a plastic protective tape. You should peel off the tape at the time of installing it in the printer. But some people make the mistake of installing it without uncovering the tape. And as a result, they face this issue.

Incredible Ways To Fix Dell Printer Not Printing

Seldom, a simple restart can solve Dell printer not printing issue within moments. So, first, try to restart by clicking on the Start icon. You can see a list of options is showing on the screen. Choose the Restart icon and click on it. Let the device restart. If the problem still persists, then follow other hacks that are mentioned below.

Method 1: Take Off The Cartridge Tape

Every new cartridge comes with a cover that includes a plastic tape. It helps the ink from leaking. But many times, users do the mistake of not peeling off the tape and insert it in the printer. This can also cause the issue. So, the best ways to get rid of the error is to take off the tape and then insert it back in your printer. Hopefully, you will not face the glitch anymore.

Method 2: Reseat The Black Cartridge

If the above one fails to resolve the problem for you, then follow this one. To do so, at first, make sure that the cartridge is placed in the black cartridge slot. Then, you need to open the lid of the printer by lifting the bed of the scanner. After that, push the button of the ink cartridge that is located on the back of the printer. Also, push the Release tab to loosen the ink cartridge and pull it out.

Now, insert the ink cartridge again and push it downwards. Now, try to print a page and check if the issue gets resolved or not.

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