Resolve Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages With Easy And Workable Methods

canon printer printing blank pages

Canon printer is one of the best printers that is used by millions of users throughout the world. It comes with advanced technology and well known for its incredible features. However, nowadays users are complaining about some issues including Canon printer printing blank pages. Thus, the users feel hopeless and seek for the perfect tricks.

Unfortunately, if you are also a sufferer of this same issue, then this guide will help you the most. Hence, read the entire article and execute the steps on your own.

Why Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages?

There are multiple causes behind this particular glitch that restricts your Canon printer from printing. Some of them are here if your Canon printer only prints blank pages are discussed as:

  • Paper loading: If your printer gets overloaded with the page then it is quite possible that you face the error as well. So, you need to be very careful that the feeder of the canon printer is not oppressed with pages.
  • Wrong pagination: Pagination is the process of dividing the information or documents into discrete pages. So, if the pagination is not configured properly, then the printer does not print correctly and starts to show up with issues.
  • Outdated drivers: An outdated printer is also equally responsible for getting this problem If the drivers of the Canon printer gets outdated, then it prints blank pages as well.
  • Clogging of print cartridge: Improper and low-quality installation of cartridges or clogging the print cartridge can also be the reason behind the printing issue.
  • Blank ink cartridge: This is the major cause for that you may confront the Canon printer printing blank pages issue.


Essential Methods to Fix Canon printer printing blank pages

Have a deep look at the solutions that you can employ to kick out the issue in an instant:

Trick 1: Unclog The Print Heads

If you do not use your printer for a long period then the cartridge print head may dry up and does not allow you to print properly. At that time, you need to unclog them To do so, at first, switch on your printer and the computer. Then, discard the cartridge from the printer. Be sure that the location of the print head is different in every printer. So, look at the manual of the printer and then perform this step. After finding the location, wipe it with a dust-free cotton swab. To prevent this issue from repeating, you need to print a page at least twice a week.

Trick 2: Update The Printer Driver

At the very first step, you need to tap on the Start button and next navigate to the “Device Manager Window.” After that, type “devicemngr” in the box and expand the category of “Network adapters.” After that, click on your device name. Now, right-click on that device icon. Then, choose the option “Update driver” and have to click on it. Now, choose “ Search automatically for updated driver” software respectively. Finally, confirm the procedure by clicking on “OK.” After completion o the process, restart your device and check if the issue still arises or not.

Trick 3: Check The Ink Cartridge

If the ink container is not filled with proper ink that is necessary for printing purposes. So, you need to check the ink level and then try to print a page. If you find the cartridge has insufficient ink, then refill it as soon as you can. Refill the cartridge very carefully and check if there any leakage after refilling or not.

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