Knock Out If Canon Printer Paper Won’t Feed With Handy Fixes

canon printer paper won't feed

Canon printers are one of the popular brands that print high-quality images and documents at high speed. Its endless features and qualities make it one of the durable competitors in the print market. But, its performance can be hampered if the roller stops working. Canon printer paper won’t feed is the issue that is gaining currency in recent times. It must be noted that dust, moisture, tucked bits of paper are some causes which might freeze the printer parts. In case you have encountered this trouble, read the article and solve the problem.

Fix Canon Printer Paper Won’t Feed With A Bunch Of Solutions

Dirty paper rollers can slow the machine and can freeze the printing procedure. It can appear after constant use in various Canon Printer models. The only solution in that situation is to clean the printer roller. But, a word of warning for you is that this component is sensitive. So, follow the process only when other solutions fail to work. Make sure you check that these items are not there before you switch on the printer

  1. Bits of paper
  2. Inkblots
  3. Dust and moisture. Please wipe them out
  4. Fill up the ink tank and it should be in good condition

Canon mg2520 Won’t Feed Paper: Some Considerations

Make sure these two conditions are mPt before applying the solution:

  • Arrange a sheet of paper preferably A4 for the test print at the end of the procedure
  • It must be set properly otherwise the paper will be stuck
  • There must be no paper on the rear tray
  • Switch on the Canon Printer mg2520 beforehand

Method 1:  To Resolve The Printing Issues

  1. As the first method, you can clean the paper roller by pressing the Stop key until you see an orange light emitting from the switch on the lid.
  2. Once the orange light blinks for at least 7 times, leave the button
  3. Automatically the paper feed component will rotate and clean itself.
  4. In this method, you do not need any sheet. Once the procedure is over, it is recommended to go for a test print.

Method 2: For Solving The Paper Roller Problem

Once the paper feed stops working, wait for a few seconds. After a while, place an A4 page or a plain paper of letter size in the paper tray.  

  • Detach the paper output tray and its extension.
  • Press the Stop button and wait until the orange light flickers at least 7 times. Once that is done do not touch that button.
  • The machine starts the cleaning procedure. The process will be complete when the sheet is ejected.  
  • If the problem does not resolve, switch off the power button.

Method 3:

Switch off the power button and detach the power cord. Then, gently open the lid and wipe the central roller present inside the rear tray. Clean it with a piece of cloth and rotate it. Once it is cleaned, switch on the power button. Wait for few seconds and repeat the rotation process.  

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