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canon printer paper jam

Canon printers are pretty popular when it comes to providing quality prints, both in your home and office. Besides being durable and stylish, its robust features work effectively in producing superb images and documents. However, all the qualities fall short when the printing process suddenly stops due to an error code. Well, Canon printer paper jam is a common occurrence which most users often face and find solutions for. Thankfully, the solutions to this problem are ready with us. Just read the article till the end and resolve the problem in minutes.

Reasons Behind The Canon Printer Paper Jam

According to experts, these are the sources that can lead to Canon printer paper jam:

  1. To start with, putting an excessive number of sheets can overcrowd the print tray and lead to paper jamming
  2. Mishandling of sheets is another cause. For instance, if you place the paper of different sizes together, they are bound to cause problems while the printing process is executed.
  3. Similarly, folded, frayed and charred pages can damage the rollers from printing.
  4. Serious wear and tear in the printer rollers are additional sources of the problem.
  5. Using paper which is below the standard can affect the printing procedure. In some cases, it can break midway, spill ink and get stuck in the roller.
  6. Moreover, low-quality sheets can leave behind trails of paper dust which can lead to several error codes.
  7. Another cause that often people overlook is the quality of print ink they are using. If the ink cartridge is not bought from quality manufacturers, there are chances that the roller will get damaged. The paper will jam and ink will spill on the output. Therefore, special attention must be given to the toner you are using.
  8. Though not directly linked with the problem, consistent hardware issues can also lead to paper jams or rolling of pages while printing.

All these factors are detrimental to the process of printing. But, there are a handful of solutions that can help you out of this situation.

Simple Guidelines on “how to fix a paper jam on a Canon printer?”

Once you know the exact cause behind the Canon trouble, it is necessary to resolve the problem. Try to minutely follow them and if you confuse yourself anywhere, simply dial the Canon Support Number +1-888-223-5549 for effective solutions.

For the first method to work, make sure you switch off your Canon printer and remove the power cord from the plug point. If bits of paper is stuck in the roller during the printing process, make sure you tap the OFF or STOP button. Otherwise, it can cause permanent damage. Then, remove the fag ends gently and slightly uncover the printer lid. Once you open it, the internal parts will be visible. It is advised not to touch the film strip present inside since it is sensitive.

  • Now, check the cartridge holder. If you find a bit of paper, move the holder to either left or right side.
  • Using your hands solely, pull out the rolled or torn paper.
  • Also, check the sides and empty spaces of the printer. If you find foreign elements like paper dust, dried ink blots, bits of charred paper, remove them gently.
  • Once no paper is visible, close the Canon printer lid and move back to your computer
  • Resume the printing process that you cued or canceled.
  • Make sure you take a test print to check whether the problem is completely healed.
  • It is recommended not to repeat the mistake of crowding the loading tray or using a variety of page sheets in this method.

Canon Printer Executives Within Your Budget

Though the Canon printers are well-designed to carry out printing procedures effectively, they are not flawless. As seen, the Canon printer paper jam appears out of nowhere and affects the entire system. The methods stated above can solve it most of the time, yet it is better to seek expert advice. Hence, you should contact us for reliable Canon Printer Support. Our team of certified professionals have been into printers for ages and know the exact causes and solutions for any glitch. They work wholeheartedly to eliminate the error causing agents from the base. You are surely going to love our professional work in addressing the trouble and removing it. Hence make no delay and call us on the helpline number. Further, you can interact with us via live chat portal or drop an email.

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