Canon Printer Not Responding – Workable Instructions To Fix It

canon printer not responding

Canon printer always wins the hearts of its millions of users. Most of the people prefer it for its good quality prints and its durability. But, sometimes it starts to show some problems including Canon printer not responding.

If you are also facing the same issue, then you should fix it as soon as possible. Here in this guide, you will find some of the probable hacks that will help you to resolve the gitch at an instant.

What causes Canon printer not responding?

There are many reasons which are acting as causatives for Canon printer not responding issue. Let’s have look at the possible causes and know more about it. Here they are:

Old Driver: If you are using an outdated driver in your printer, then it is pretty possible of getting this issue as well. An outdated driver restricts your Canon printer to work properly.

Virus Attack: In case if your system gets attacked by virus or malware, then your device may not respond.

Plastic Protective Tape: The ink cartridge of Canon printer is coated with a plastic protective tape. You need to peel off the tape at the time of installing in the printer. If you do not take it off from the cartridge, then you might face the problem.

Poor Connection: If you are connected on a poor or weak connection, then you will encounter the issue as well and as a result the error message pop-ups on the main screen of the device.

Empty Ink Cartridge: If the ink cartridge is not loaded with ink well or contains inadequate ink, then the printer does not respond properly, rather it gives the output as blank pages.

Incredible Ideas to Fix Canon Printer Not Responding

Certain times a simple restart can solve the issue in an instant. Here are some effective methods that will surely help you to troubleshoot the problem with utmost ease.

Method 1: Restart your Device

To follow this step, at first, you need to switch on your computer. After that, choose the Start icon by clicking on it. You can see a list of options is showing on the screen. Select the Restart icon and click on it. Let the device to restart. Keep waiting for some moments while the restart process is going on. If the problem still persists, then follow the other hacks that are mentioned below.

Method 2: Refresh the internet connection

If the problem is related to poor connectivity, then by performing this particular step you will get rid of the issue. To do so, at first, check if the internet connection is properly connected with your computer or not. If you are using a wireless connection, then make sure that not more than three devices are connected with the same wifi. If you are using a wired connection, then check the cables before plugin. In case if you find any problem, then the easiest way is resetting the connection. Press and hold the Reset button of the device and check if the error gets solved or still continues annoying you.

Method 3: Update the printer driver

Updating the driver of Canon printer is the ultimate process o solve the issue without any trouble. The first thing you need to do is to open the Settings option. Then, select the Update and Security tab and choose the Windows Update option. Now, you need to check if an update is available for your device or not. If available, then update it and then, visit the manufacturer website of your printer. Search for the most recent proper driver that is suitable for your printer. Select only those which are compatible with your device. Finally, restart your device and check f the Canon printer is responding or not.

Interact with the Experts for More Assistance

Hopefully, the above solutions will help you to sort out if the printer not responding Canon completely. But in case if you find any difficulties, then you can get in touch with us for troubleshooting the glitch. You just need to connect to us via our toll-free helpline number +1-855-789-0292. Our company has a number of experienced engineers who are always ready to assist you with the most effective hacks. Apart from that, you can also send an email at our official email ID. We assure you that you will get responses through the day without any sort of delay.

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