[Fixed!] Canon Printer Not Printing- Workable Instructions

canon printer not printing

Canon is a multinational company that produces good quality printers, cameras, etc. This printer connects to your computer through a simple USB cable. Users prefer this company for its good performance and stability. However, even these devices from Canon are not free from the glitches. Quite often they are tensed with the issue of the Canon printer not printing.

In case if you are also in the same conditions as they are, then this article will surely assist you to fix the error putting an end to all your troubles. So, you have to go through the entire article and execute the methods on your own.

Reasons behind Canon printer not printing

Users can encounter Canon printer not printing problem for various reasons. Have a look at the possible reasons which are most responsible for this:

Empty ink cartridge: It is the main reason for which you can get this error. If the ink cartridge is not loaded with sufficient ink or remains empty, then the printer won’t print anything.

Plastic protective tape: The ink cartridge of Canon printer is covered with a plastic protective tape. It helps the cartridge from any kind of damages. The users should peel off the tape before using. But, many of us make a mistake of installing it without peeling off the tape. As a result, they face the issue as well.

Low signal strength: If you are using a Wifi connection, then you should move the printer near to the access point to get a better result. Sometimes, a poor or weak internet connection won’t let the printer to print successfully.

Outdated firmware: At certain times, an old firmware may block the ports that are required for communication with your printer. Hence, you have to update the firmware as soon as possible.

Incomplete calibration: The process calibration let the printer to control and predict the color having in it. In the calibration process is not completed properly then there is a possibility of confronting this issue.

Incredible ideas to Resolve Canon printer not printing

Sometimes a simple restart can solve this particular issue right at the first go. So, first, perform a restart and check if the canon printer is responding or not.

Method 1: Peel off the cartridge tape

All the new cartridges come coated with plastic tapes. It helps the ink from any sort of leakages. So, be sure to take off the cover before you are using it in the printer. Hopefully, this will help you and you will not face the issue anymore.

Method 2: Run the Troubleshooter

At first, switch on the printer and the computer as well. Then, from the keyboard press the Windows key and in the search box type “troubleshoot.” Now, choose the Troubleshooter option and select Printer by clicking on it. After that, tap on “Run the troubleshooter.” Finally, go through the instruction that is shown on the screen.

Method 3: Refill the cartridge

To follow this method, the first thing you need to do is to check whether the ink cartridge is filled with sufficient ink or not. First, open the lid of the Canon printer. After that, press the button of the ink cartridge that is situated on the backside of the printer. Push the Release button to ooze the cartridge out and then, pull it out. Then, refill the cartridge with adequate ink and put it in the printer. Finally, switch on the printer and strive to print a paper and check if it works properly or still showing the error.

Interact With The Professionals For More Assistance

Are you still not moving any forward due to the same glitch? Do not delay to get in touch with us. Our engineers are experienced for many years in this domain. So, if you are wondering “Why my Canon printer is not printing?”, our experts are available 24/7 to assist you with the most reliable solutions. You can call us, email us or choose the live chat option through the chat portal. Pick any of these as per your convenience. You will get the perfect fixes related to your queries.

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