A Complete Guide To Fix Canon Printer Error u052

canon printer error u052

Canon printer is always a leader when it comes to printer manufacturing companies. Most of the users prefer this brand as it produces good quality and long lasting printers. But sadly, it is not free from the glitches. Canon printer error code u052 is one such error that is common in occurrence. As soon as the users find this error message “u052 This type of print head is incorrect” pop-ups on the screen constantly.

This issue may happen due to various reasons. One of the major reason is the incomplete installation of the print head. If the printhead is not installed properly or not compatible with your device, then it is quite possible that you encounter this error code. At that time you have to replace it with a new print head or clean that properly.

If you are also facing the same issue and searching for the best troubleshooting methods, then your efforts should end with us. Here in this post, you will find multiple ways by which you can easily resolve the glitch without any trouble.

Effective Solutions To Fix Canon Printer Error Code u052

There are various fixes by which you can get rid of Canon printer error code u052 completely. Have a deep look at the solutions and solve it on your own:

Method 1: Clean the ink cartridge

This is the basic way to solve the error code easily. If the ink cartridge remains dirty, then it is pretty possible that you might get this issue. So, you have to clean the cartridge before going to the next step. To do so, at first, remove the print head and the ink trey from the printer carefully. Clean it with a neat cotton swab.  After that, turn off the power of the printer for three minutes. Next, switch on it and put the print head and the ink cartridge at the same place. Now, strive to print a new page and review if the error still appears or gets resolved. Remember that you have to clean the cartridge and print head regularly.

Method 2: Reset your printer

If the above method is not workable for you, then you can choose this one to resolve the error. Firstly, turn on the Canon printer and the computer both. After that, click on the Start option and then, choose Menu. Now, navigate to the Control Panel and click on it. After that, with the help of mouse choose Reset printer and tap on the Enter button. Keep waiting for some moments while the system starts the reset process. Finally, check if the error gets solved or not.

Method 3: Set your printer as Default

As an alternative procedure, you may choose this one. The first thing you need to do is to switch on your printer and the computer. After that, tap and hold the R and Windows key at the same time. The dialog box will open on the screen. You have to type “Control” in that box and hit on the Enter button. Select “Devices and Printers” from the list and click on “Set as default printer” from the printer section.

Interact With The Experts’ Team For More Assistance

In case if you still could not solve the Canon printer error u052, then never get upset with that. Dial our toll-free helpline number and give us a call to our customer care executive. There are many skilled engineers who have great knowledge in this domain. They will surely solve your issue without any delay. Else, you can also drop us an email addressing your queries. The professionals will respond to your reply at an instant. You will never be disappointed with our service.

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