Canon Printer Error 6c10 [Fixed!]- Get The Experts’ Help

canon printer error 6c10

Canon printer error 6c10 is one such error that annoys the users most. This particular error leads to a problem with the valve cam sensor present on your Canon printer. It is associated with some substance, possibly paper jammed in or around the purge system.

In case if you are also a sufferer of the same error code, then you have to solve it as soon as possible. Otherwise, your device may get damaged. Keeping that in mind, we are going to discuss some of the reliable tricks for you. Go through the entire article and execute the steps on your own.

How To Get Rid Of The Canon Printer Error 6c10?

Here in this section, you will find some troubleshooting methods to kick out the error code at an instant. So, go through it as follows;

Fix 1: Reset the ink cartridge

This is the primary method to solve Canon printer error 6c10. To do so, at first, switch off your printer by pressing the Power button. You can find the Power button located at the back of the printer. Now, you need to open the door of the Canon printer. Next, switch on the printer and be sure that the cartridge is moved back to the center of the printer. Now, close the printer’s door properly. Do not apply extra force to close the door. Hopefully, by this process, the error will get solved.

Fix 2: Solve the problem related to the Purge Unit

If the issue is related to the purge unit, then you need to start the printer and open the printer and then, navigate to the Resume key. Press it and switch off the device. Now, disconnect the power cables and look if the purge unit is fine or has a problem with it. Now, try to print a page and check if it prints successfully or shows the error code again.

Fix 3: Disable the Advanced Printing Features

  • First, access the Start menu and open Control Panel.
  • After that, choose Printer Queue and then, Printers preference and click on it.
  • Now, navigate to the Advanced Settings.
  • Toggle the Enable option as Disable by clicking on the icon.
  • Strive to print a page and check if the error gets fixed or still showing up.

Fix 4: Login as an Administrator

  • At first, tap on the login icon and put the credentials including username and password.
  • Then, move to the Start button and choose All programs.
  • Now, select Accessories and click on System tools.
  • Then, tap on System Restore. A new window will open on the main screen of your device.
  • Next, you have to choose the option “Restore my computer to an earlier time” and click on Next.
  • After that, choose the “On this list, click a restore point” icon from the list of option and click on it.
  • Confirm the page by choosing the Next button.
  • Finally, restart your device and wait for some time.

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