A Perfect Guide To Fix Canon Printer Error 6a80

canon printer error 6a80

Canon is one of the top leading printer manufacturing company in the global market. Millions of users prefer it for its advanced features and good performance. But sadly speaking it is also not free from the glitch. Canon printer error 6a80 is one such error that does not allow the users to continue the printing process properly and lead an error message of “error 6a80.”

This particular error happens due to many reasons as well. If the paper is jammed in the printer then the printer does not print anything and let you worried. In case the print head is not installed properly then you can also encounter this issue. Apart from the above, there are also other causes such as an outdated printer, dirt accumulation on the printer are also responsible for this glitch.

If you are also encountering the same issue then solve it as soon as possible. Keeping that on the mind here in this article we have illustrated some effective hacks regarding your issue. Thus go through the entire article and kick out the error at the earliest possible.

How to get rid of Canon printer error 6a80?

Have a deep look at the possible tricks that may help you to solve the Canon printer error 6a80 at an instant. Read the next section thoroughly and execute the steps exactly the same as mentioned below.

Method 1: Restart your printer

Seldom a simple restart can help you to solve the Canon error 6a80 as well. So, first, start with the most basic method of that:

  • Turn off the printer and detach the power cables from the power supply.
  • Now, hold the following four buttons that are a Black photocopy, Red cancel, Ok and On/off button almost about ten seconds.
  • After that, release the power button only but make sure to hold the other buttons.
  • When the printer switched on u hold all the button and check if the solution fix your issue or not

Method 2: Refill the ink cartridge

If your printer does not have sufficient ink in it, then it is pretty much possible that you might face this particular issue as well. Now, look at the following steps and execute the same. The very first thing you have to do is to check the ink level of the printer. If you find that the cartridge has insufficient ink then try to change it and replace with a new one. Now, try to print a page and check if the error gets solved or not.

Method 3: Reset your printer

In case if the above method is not helpful for you then you can choose this one. At first, switch on your Canon printer and the computer both. Then, click on the Start icon and navigate to the Menu icon. After that, choose Control Panel and click on it. Now, select Reset printer and click on Enter key from the keyboard. Wait for some time and then try to print a page.

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